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Skra-tching the Surface 
On the one hand, an emblem of modern Warsaw, on the other, a graveyard of communist memories: time to explore the SKRA sports complex! (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) There’s perfect and there’s too perfect. Look at Łazienki. Beautiful, isn’t it. But stray onto the lawns and... Read more
The Rust is History
Thirty kilometers from Warsaw lies a graveyard with a difference: a weird world of disintegrating cars… Where do cars go when they die? Well, there is no heaven for machines, but there is Grodzisk Mazowiecki, a sleepy little town southwest of Warsaw. It’s here that scores of vehicles lie,... Read more
In The Red
For the definitive blast to the past, a visit to the Museum of Life Under Communism has become an essential part of any cultural itinerary… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) Traditionalists shudder: with their clever marketing and CGI gimmicks, Warsaw’s top museums have the slick, polished feel... Read more
Gifts For Kids

Gifts For Kids

Features 10 December 2014 0

Smyk and Toys “R” Us are unavoidable with an 8-year-old to please, but an interactive monster called Xeno will not be stuffing her stocking! I still believe a thoughtful gift is sourced locally and that the last minute dash and panic buying session is all part of that Christmas... Read more
Everyone Loves a Parade
It wasn’t all flying bottles and masked rioters – the Insider looks at some of the more peaceful events of November’s Independence Day marches…                 Read more
Seasonal Sustenance

Seasonal Sustenance

Features 1 November 2014 0

Car journeys on chilly weekends can be a pleasure. So why not take a 30 minute drive across the river, sniff fresh country air and stock up on seasonal fruit and vegetables! Majlert An impressive, traditional looking farmhouse sets an idyllic scene for this family business. The two farm shops,... Read more
Game Night!

Game Night!

Features 28 October 2014 1

The clocks have changed and the winter is coming. It’s the best time to cuddle up indoors and play some games. Keep these five in mind next time you want to find a game shelter. Café Baobab Francuska 31 If it wasn’t already exotic enough, Baobab – a Senegalese restaurant run... Read more
Climbing Walls & Line Parks
Not feeling like another outdoor activity to keep in shape. We suggest climbing the walls. Crux Hoża 51, Located in a former cheese factory, Crux is the biggest climbing facility in central Warsaw and has walls that challenge all levels of expertise. Standout features include Poland’s first hydraulic wall system... Read more
Free time for free art
Art doesn’t mean shuffling around in silence and stillness. We reveal three places that encourage interaction… Museum of Modern Art ( Whilst city planners bicker over this 1970’s glass fronted building’s listed status, I recommend taking the family to what was previously a furniture shop and getting acquainted with... Read more
Velvet Underground
There’s a school of thought that suggests Old Town’s handsome charm is skin deep. Well, what about going under the skin and right down below… We all know that Old Town was rebuilt after the war, but that’s not to say all of it is new. The methodical zeal... Read more