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Nocny Market Returns!
Back after a well deserved winter snooze, the award-winning Nocny Market returns this weekend looking to capitalize further on its success last year. Set on the platform of a disintegrating train station, the smash hit of summer 2016 achieved the impossible in diverting people away from the permissive pleasures... Read more
Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

Features 10 March 2017 0

Declassified after decades of secrecy, the doors have now opened on Warsaw’s nuclear secret… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT On the face of it, this has the feel of a normal, spring Sunday. Suburban Warsaw is hungover and quiet, so quiet that you can almost hear... Read more
Monumental Efforts
A six-meter tall yellow, Styrofoam monument has caused a stir after being unveiled in October in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts. Drawing parallels to the ‘Four Sleepers’ monument celebrating Polish-Soviet ‘brotherhood in arms’, the parody has been revealed to be the work of Kaisu Almonkari. However,... Read more
Garden Of Light

Garden Of Light

Insider News 3 November 2016 0

With months of vile weather lying straight ahead, brighten up the Autumn and visit Wilanów’s Royal Garden of Light. Opened at the end of October, it’s illuminated by over 150,000 colored diodes, with this dreamlike installation riffing on surreal themes that leave everyone enchanted… Wilanów Palace Gardens ul. Stanislawa... Read more
Night of the Living Dead
Tapping into your worst nightmares, Warsaw’s Horror House leaves thrillseekers in a spin… By ALEX WEBBER There is, I’ve read, a ‘science of fear’. “When our bodies are primed for danger,” explains Rachel Feltman in an article for the Washington Post, “we achieve a weird kind of high.” I guess... Read more
Travel: Kiermusy

Travel: Kiermusy

Features 25 October 2016 0

BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Escaping from Kiermusy isn’t impossible, but it’s certainly quite tricky. The problem isn’t so much the grunting animals that occasionally incur onto the narrow road out, the problem, I’ve found, is myself. I don’t want to leave. Why would anyone? This... Read more
Warsaw Beer Festival
Celebrating their fifth edition, the Warsaw Beer Festival will once again take place in the hallowed confines of Legia’s stadium. Drawing all from beer nerds to pissheads to curious first-timers, this well executed event will present the cream of the Polish brewing industry alongside international guests such as Brewdog... Read more
The Warsaw Playlist

The Warsaw Playlist

Features 5 October 2016 0

Numerous bands and musicians – both domestic and foreign – have been sufficiently moved by Warsaw to feature it in their works… Sen o Warszawie Czesław Niemen A classic 60s anthem from the pen of ‘the Polish Bob Dylan’, this epic ode to Warsaw is steeped in sentimentality. Lustily... Read more
The Warsaw Reading List
Where once English-language sections of bookstores were dominated by ‘the war’, today an increasingly diverse range of titles do their bit to expose the different faces of the Polish capital. Polish Pills Fanny Vaucher Accompanied by the author’s own witty illustrations, Polish Pills views Warsaw through the eyes of... Read more
Nocny Market: Last Chance
Dubbed the sensation of the summer, this weekend marks your last opportunity to visit the city’s Nocny Market. Announcing itself in a blaze of buzz and color, the market achieved the impossible this summer by proving there is life beyond the banks of the Wisła. Set on and around... Read more