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Restaurants: Warsaw In Brief
The Top Table That they own the only Michelin stars in Poland says much about both Senses and Atelier Amaro (pictured below): moments of pure theater are matched by cooking of such inspiration it often distorts into fantasy. L’enfant Terrible enjoy a similarly adventurous reputation though a far less... Read more
Sightseeing: Warsaw In Brief
Pre-War The Old Town, rebuilt from scratch after the Germans famously visited as more than just tourists, is the first stop for all. For a taste of Poland’s Imperial Age, then Łazienki Park is a magical flashback. Gritty reality awaits wandering the pre-war streets of Old Praga, while for... Read more
Images of the PRL

Images of the PRL

Features 31 August 2016 0

Not for the first time, DSH, one of capital’s finest cultural institutions, has joined forces with the illustrious Forum photographic agency to release a book that showcases the city in a completely new light. A celebration of the work of Zbyszko Siemaszko, this concise little album is a compelling... Read more
The Filling Station: Warsaw’s Night Market
An abandoned train station proves to be the surprising location for Warsaw’s edgiest food market… Not long back Warsaw’s train stations weren’t for the fainthearted. Serving as an assembly point for madmen, muggers and propositioning perverts, visiting them at night wasn’t so much an adrenaline rush as it was... Read more


Going Out 30 July 2016 0

When I think of Chmielna it’s always as Chmielna A and Chmielna B. The former is the wide pedestrian street most people are familiar with; the latter, the strip that runs behind it. In terms of contrast, the difference between the two couldn’t be more pronounced. Whereas Chmielna A... Read more
The Pearl Of Praga
Ząbkowska is more than just another street: it’s Praga’s spiritual gateway, a place where ‘things happen’. Its credentials attesting to this are numerous, though none stand up to scrutiny better than Otwarta Ząbkowska, a festival that seeks to encourage the ‘creative exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration’. Now in... Read more
Northern Highlights
Costing approximately zł. 160 million, the Bulwary Karskiego development has transformed a northern stretch of the Wisła since launching at the tail end of last summer. Although dogged by construction problems, and delivered well behind schedule, it’s proving worth the wait. BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Loch... Read more
Cool Globes
Having already toured 17 cities across the world, the Cool Globes exhibition touched down in Warsaw in May and has been wooing crowds ever since. “I thought they’d be really appreciated here in Warsaw,” says organizer Janice Rzycki, “so I brought them here.” “This is public art with a... Read more
Light Relief – Warsaw’s Neon Comeback
Embraced by the hipster generation, the art of neon has enjoyed an unlikely revival. At the center of this resurgence is a small little workshop operated by Jacek Hanak…  by Stuart DOWELL | photos by Kevin DEMARIA Warsaw, Targówek, ulica Rzeczna. Our fellow bus passengers have dwindled until it is just... Read more
Gone To The Wall. Warsaw Street Art
For so long kept stony silent, the walls of Warsaw are speaking up, channeling the voice of the wider community through the medium of art. Loaded with relevant messages and subliminal meaning, the gargantuan works that have been splashed onto the sides of buildings are transforming the city, and... Read more