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In The Red
For the definitive blast to the past, a visit to the Museum of Life Under Communism has become an essential part of any cultural itinerary… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) Traditionalists shudder: with their clever marketing and CGI gimmicks, Warsaw’s top museums have the slick, polished feel... Read more
The Rust is History
Thirty kilometers from Warsaw lies a graveyard with a difference: a weird world of disintegrating cars… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) Where do cars go when they die? Well, there is no heaven for machines, but there is Grodzisk Mazowiecki, a sleepy little town southwest of Warsaw. It’s... Read more
2014: A Space Odyssey

2014: A Space Odyssey

Features 15 November 2014 0

The Insider journeys to Nałęczów, Poland’s favorite retirement home, and finds that all is not what it seems… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) Of all the fantastic reasons to visit Nałęczów I can think of one: for the edge-of-the-world experience that is W Drzewach, a treetop dwelling right from... Read more
Branching Out

Branching Out

FeaturesLeisure 5 November 2014 0

No longer is Nałęczów ‘just for the old people’, and Poland’s trendiest hotel is ample proof. The Insider takes a look at the village in the sky… (By Alex Webber | Photos Ed Wight)  Antelope in Poland? Don’t be stupid. I am though, which is why I’ve just suggested... Read more
Where Angels Fear to Tread
Not even the world’s biggest Jesus draws the tourists to Świebodzin county – and they don’t know what they’re missing… The Insider discovers Poland’s best kept secret. (By Alex Webber | Photos Ed Wight)  That Tesco over there is a piece of history – go on, have guess when... Read more
Sen Pszczoły

Sen Pszczoły

Going Out 13 July 2014 0

Famous, infamous or a bit of both? Moving from their temporary digs in the Koneser Factory, the new-look Sen Pszczoły is every bit as murky as the previous: amid a heavy industrial background, find partygoers enjoying a mixed bag of events that range from didgeridoo performances to full-on techno... Read more
A River Runs Through It
The Wisła isn’t just an ugly brown thing that splits Warsaw in half: head down it and you’ll find it flanked with secrets both open and hidden. (By Alex Webber | Photos Ed Wight)  “Stop! Stop right now!!” I’m usually quite reserved when sat in the passenger seat, but... Read more
Spotlight on Toruń
A dreamy city of cobbles and cloisters, steeples and spires, Toruń has long been regarded as one of Poland’s tourist trump cards… (By Alex Webber | Photos Ed Wight) “So fine is Toruń,” wrote Jan Długosz, “that perhaps nothing can rival it in terms of beauty, location and luminous buildings.”... Read more
Completely Bunkers

Completely Bunkers

Features 7 November 2013 0

All is not what it seems – in a slow corner of Wielkopolska, secret Cold War preparations for Armageddon have come to light after lying hidden and forgotten beneath a quiet suburban house… Text & Photos: Ed Wight For six decades it remained hidden, a secret known only to... Read more