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Totally Roar-Some!
Even for an institution in the habit of presenting memorable temporary exhibitions, there is a sense that the Museum of Warsaw have excelled themselves with their latest effort. Titled ‘Animals in Warsaw’, the exhibition explores the capital’s relationship with other species, and leaves few stones unturned in the process.... Read more
Feeling Ele-phantastic?
Attracting the attention of such portals as the BBC, The Guardian and CNN, the project was born after one elephant started grieving following the death of one of the herd in March. “Fredzia reacted strangely when she saw Erna’s body. She was really excited,” Dr Agnieszka Czujkowska, told the... Read more
Snap Chat

Snap Chat

Insider News 21 September 2018 0

Residents of a small town in south western Poland found themselves on red alert last week after rumors swept Świebodzice that a crocodile had been spotted prowling the streets. The palaver began after a photo was posted on social media showing a baby croc basking on a pavement and... Read more
Hiss Off: Snake Alert
Police have warned the public about an escaped snake thought to measure up to six-meters long. The news first broke last week after the skin of an Indian Python was discovered in the south west of Warsaw close to the Wisła River. Originally, skeptics had declared the whole charade... Read more
Woof Woof

Woof Woof

Shopping 4 April 2018 0

You’ll be traveling to the very ends of Warsaw to reach Woof Woof, but dog lovers are united in agreeing that it’s worth the considerable journey. Set up the stairs, find a range of leashes and canine equipment from top brands such as Hurtta, healthy meaty treats and… a... Read more
Woof Woof

Woof Woof

Shopping 11 September 2017 0

Pampered pooches and super cool canines need look no further than Woof Woof: for collars, leads, toys and treats then this spot is the ultimate spoiler. Brands include Hunter, Wild Woof, Meat & Treat and JW Pet. Woof Woof ul. Wólczyńska 204, facebook Read more
Dog Friendly Warsaw
Life for Warsaw’s army of dog owners just got easier thanks to a new scheme that aims to highlight the increasing number of mutt-friendly venues in the city. The brainchild of the Miasto Jest Nasze organization, bars, restaurants and stores can now register for a decal that announces them... Read more
Animal Passion. Going on Safari in Warsaw
It’s not just smug nobility and writers you’ve never heard that get commemorated in stone. The city’s soft spot for animals has taken solid shape by way of numerous statues, memorials and wacky installations – with summer in full swing, take yourself on a safari with a twist…  ILLUSTRATION... Read more
Badgered To Death

Badgered To Death

Blog 31 July 2015 0

A badger that found fleeting global fame has passed away after drinking itself to death. Wanda, a female from the coastal town of Rewal, was discovered passed out after stealing seven beers from a nearby campsite and getting stuck in. Rescued by a local shelter, her story went viral... Read more