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Chmielna Regeneration Gets Closer
Once the apple of Warsaw’s eye, an imminent tender is to be announced to restore Chmielna to its best. Announced earlier today, confirmation of the project has been several years in the pipeline. Among other things, over 100 trees will be planted alongside flowerbeds, shrubs and perennials. Several dozen... Read more
PLN 1.2 Billion For History Museum!
Having soared nearly PLN 500 million over its originally predicted budget of PLN 750 million, the EU has approved a direct grant of PLN 1.2 billion to cover the design and construction of the Museum of Polish History. Announcing the move on Tuesday, an EU statement also revealed the... Read more
Fury At Hong Kong Development
Nicknamed Hong Kong on account of its densely packed apartments and outsized dimensions, a controversial residential complex has found itself at the center of a legal storm after a move by City Hall to outlaw ‘pathological’ developments… The work of JW Construction (a.k.a. JW Destruction to many on account... Read more
Art Nouveau Pearl Restored
A historic tenement house in the heart of Warsaw has been restored to its prime following a painstaking renovation conducted by the city. Formally known as Kamienica Maksymiliana Harczyka, it was designed by Dawid Lange, a Łódź-born architect who achieved longstanding fame for authoring – among others – the... Read more
Spy Building Saved?
Colloquially known as ‘Szpiegowo’ (‘Spyville’), an iconic residential block that was once rumored to be a Soviet spy base looks likely to be saved from demolition according to latest reports. Found close to the Russian Embassy at Sobieskiego 100, the property was seized by the city last year in... Read more
90s Icon Under Threat!
A unique product of its time, one of Warsaw’s best surviving examples of 1990s architecture stands to lose it extraordinary color after plans were leaked suggesting that its exterior would be repainted.   Opened in 1992, and authored by architects Wolfgang Triessing and Maciej Nowicki, the Sobieski Hotel has... Read more
Warsaw of the Future
Motivated by their desire to get Poles thinking about their financial security, ING Bank Śląski have launched an unusual campaign encouraging people to imagine where they will be in the future. Found online at ja-w-przyszlosci.pl, those volunteering the wildest suggestions have found their dreams becoming reality courtesy of futuristic... Read more
Warsaw Venues In World Design Top 10
Not one, but two Warsaw hangouts have been named in Dezeen’s “Top 10 Bar & Restaurant Interiors 2022”. Competing against venues from the likes of London, Lyon, Antwetp and Seoul, the Polish capital was the only city to feature two entries on the hotlist with Va Bene Cicchetti and... Read more
Hit Or Miss? New Museum Sparks Debate
With its scaffolding removed, and the building now assuming its final form, the future seat of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw has faced a wave of criticism after its exterior was revealed after months under wraps. “I never thought I would miss the sight of the Palace... Read more
Architecture: Protecting Muranów
In December, plans for a new eight-story residential building sparked a campaign to protect the historical integrity of the 1950s Muranów Południowy housing estate… Led by the Mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski, efforts are underway to enter the post-war estate into the register of monuments so as to prevent... Read more