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Upper One: new skyscraper announced
Plans for two new skyscrapers that will take root on the site of the Atrium International office complex have been revealed by Strabag Real Estate. Designed by architects from the Medusa Group, the project will include one 34-storey tower that will peak out at 131.5-meters, and a smaller sister... Read more
New Bike Bridge One Step Closer
After much “will they, won’t they” speculation, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski formally rubber stamped the idea back in March. However, with the city’s purse strings looking tighter than ever, fears had been voiced that the project would end up on the cutting room floor. These have now been eased after... Read more
Natural Born Winner!
One year after it was completed, and just a week after it was awarded a prize by City Hall, a cultural pavilion on the banks of the river has again scooped top prize for its architecture, this time from Polityka magazine. Found a stone’s throw from the Gdański Bridge,... Read more
The Future: The Village of Warsaw
Created as part of his master’s thesis at the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław’s University of Technology, Damian Kuna’s project sought to picture an alternative urban development filled with the characteristics of a traditional Polish village. Entered into the bi-yearly Congress of Urban Policy competition, five winners were selected... Read more
The New Face Of Chmielna!
Announced yesterday by City Hall, a winning design has been selected that will dramatically alter the face of Chmielna. Currently noted for its shuttered stores, graffiti squiggles and littered, barren spaces, the street has long been overlooked in the campaign to glorify the center. Now, that stands to change... Read more
Warsaw’s Best New Buildings: 2021
A collaboration between City Hall and the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects, the Mazovian District Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland and the Warsaw Branch of the Society of Polish Town Planners, the Nagroda Architektoniczna Prezydenta m.st. Warszawy awards were split into seven categories... Read more
Hi, My Name’s Unit!
Delivered by Ghelamco, features of the 57,000 sq/m project include a shimmering ‘dragon skin’ installation embellishing the exterior. Comprised of thousands of kinetic elements that gently move with the wind, the effect is designed to demonstrate the force of nature whilst simultaneously reminding passersby as to “the soul of... Read more
All Change For Jerozolimskie
“The capital city will undergo a metamorphosis similar to ones experienced by European metropolises such as Copenhagen and Stockholm,” Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski told the press. “We will introduce solutions that will reconcile the expectations of pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and entrepreneurs,” he continued. “All this so that the city, which... Read more
Confirmed: Warsaw To Get Giant Egg!
The work of Joanna Rajkowska, the two-meter wide egg aims to call to attention the environmental challenges faced by the planet, and will be located on Plac Pięcu Rogów, an urban project that is set to transform the junction where Chmielna, Bracka, Zgoda, Krucza and Szpitalna meet. Redesigned by... Read more
The Next Big Thing!
Once known as Ulrich Gardens in honor of Jan Bogumił Ulrich (the 19th century gardener that took care of Ogród Saski), it was here that he kept rows of greenhouses that grew exotica such as pineapples. Long overlooked, the area will now be revived thanks to a project conducted... Read more