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Chmiel Café
Rows and rows of Belgian beers occupy the shelves, while behind the counter find pedigree treats, cakes and ice cream from the Slow Food approved Consonni brand. Forget the industrial rubbish, the ice cream produced by this lot is an absolute standout. With the outdoor terrace making its debut,... Read more
Bistro de Belgique

Bistro de Belgique

Reviews 14 November 2014 0

No doubt Bistro de Belgique has class. Like its counterpart, Batida, the interiors breathe heavy with sophistication and elegance. Classic Franco-Belgian touches play to its advantage, with tall French windows giving views of pl. Konstytucji and allowing for rare streams of sunlight to come slanting in. It all makes... Read more
Elephant Belgian Pub
Signposted by a jolly, dancing elephant, this Belgian pub presents its cause the moment you enter – there’s twenty or so taps laid right out in front, and to the left a fridge that’s expected to top out to cover 200 beers. The design is basic – brickwork, beer... Read more
Delirium Warszawa
Until Cuda Na Kiju opened last year – May was it? – the denizens of Warsaw lived in serious deprivation. Sure, there were bars that sold good beer, but they weren’t for you and me: they were for hipsters and half-wits. Cuda changed that, presenting a range of craft... Read more