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Review: Flaming Bistro
Back Story Something of a modernist pearl, the Łepkowskich Villa was completed in 1935 according to a swish design coined by Lucjan Korngold and Piotr Maria Lubiński. Commissioning it was Józef Łepkowski, a car dealer specializing in the import of American automobiles such as the Chevrolet. Commandeered by Polish... Read more
Notes: Ale Wino

Notes: Ale Wino

Blog 11 February 2020 0

If there’s one thing we just love about researching our Best of Warsaw issue (coming soon, don’t you worry!), it’s the chance it affords us to visit old, established favorites such as Ale Wino. Their story, while not exactly rags to riches, does have a feel-good ring to it:... Read more
Review: Koneser Grill
Where Am I? The heart of Praga, which, in today’s terms, means the historic Koneser vodka factory. One of the most striking urban renewal projects in recent memory has seen a 19th century industrial complex handed new life with a swank program of redevelopment that’s seen it revived as... Read more
Notes: Kieliszki na Hożej

Notes: Kieliszki na Hożej

Blog 10 November 2018 0

Sure the street stretches further in each direction, but it’s Kieliszki that seems to announce that ‘Poznańska starts here’. Set on the corner of an ornate pre-war building, Kieliszki casts a warm, beckoning glow on the street outside – resisting its charms is entirely impossible. Geometric patterns, moody lighting... Read more
The Cool Cat
Proving something other than just a faddish flash in the fire, The Cool Cat has caught the zeitgeist by the horns and come to represent the hip Powiśle style; casual and convivial and absent of aloofness, it’s a place in which all life seems to gather for a taste... Read more
Notes From Powiśle

Notes From Powiśle

Blog 30 June 2017 0

While Powiśle was once the bubbling epicenter of Warsaw’s flirtation with full-bearded hipsterdom, today the area has moved forward, gentrified and matured. This new, cultivated mentality is especially pronounced on Rozbrat, a highly aspirational street in the process of being infilled with smart brasseries and bistros. First, on any... Read more
Kieliszki Na Hożej
The Place Often, Warsaw’s pre-war title as ‘the Paris of the East’ is impossible to comprehend. Then you see the corner of Hoża and Poznańska: elegant and ornate, it’s something straight from the 6th arrondissement. Through the door, and diners are met head-on by a seductive space that’s dark,... Read more
Kieliszki na Próżnej

Kieliszki na Próżnej

Blog 15 November 2016 0

Any show reel featuring the highlights of Warsaw over the last couple of years would undoubtedly find space for the revival of ul. Próżna. Once a derelict, sickly-looking street, its transformation has been swift and dramatic, with much of the credit falling on the bistros and brasseries that have... Read more
Dyletanci: Fine Wine & Eclectic Dining
Poland stopped making sense to me years back. How is it, for example, that the country suddenly has its own legitimate wine? That happened when? The last time I tried some – granted, several years back – the body’s gag reflex instantly kicked-in. I physically recoiled as if I... Read more
Joseph’s Bistro & Wine
Top-class dining puts Muranów on the map… By Alex Webber | Photographs by Kevin Demaria It’s been six years since I swapped my expat compound on Łucka for the grey, grimness of Muranów, and I don’t think a day has passed since that I haven’t bemoaned the area’s culinary coma.... Read more