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Eating Out: Baken
Simple but impactful, Baken has already secured its spot on the foodie map of Warsaw… When René Redzepi announced the closure of his innovative temple of gastronomy, NOMA, it seemed to confirm the tanking stock of the fine dining sector. But if fine dining is on the way out,... Read more
Notes: Bibenda

Notes: Bibenda

Blog 28 November 2019 0

Now firmly enshrined in local lore, Bibenda are pretty much the first name out of the hat when the subject turns to casual dining – others do it well, but few do it better. The menu declares Bibenda to be ‘a celebration of food, drink and togetherness’, and that’s... Read more
Review: Mokolove
Slowly, surely, Mokotów is stirring. Of course, there’s already some pretty fab restaurants present in the district, just maybe not as many as the area deserves. News, therefore, that Nolita’s former sous chef was spreading his wings to head his own restaurant out there was greeted with both enthusiasm... Read more


Restaurants 10 August 2018 0

Run as a side project by Mąka i Woda (quite literally – it’s right next door), it’s a stylish-looking spot that’s fresh, contemporary and even a little edgy: for evidence, refer to a mural designed by Swansky, a local big gun on the street art scene. As for the... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2017 Casual
Casual Runners-up The Cool Cat Proving something other than just a faddish flash in the fire, The Cool Cat has caught the zeitgeist by the horns and come to represent the hip Powiśle style; casual and convivial and absent of aloofness, it’s a place in which all life seems... Read more
Review: Kukpit
Back to the riverfront we go! With the Wisła heating up for summer, all eyes are on Barka Wynurzenie, one of the great, big hits of recent years. Accessed over a bouncy gangplank, find this classic barge venue – its deck strung with hammocks – anchored close to the... Read more
Review: Rozbrat 20
There was a time when Powiśle was the volcanic center of what history will remember as Warsaw’s dalliance with hipsterdom. Now the area has moved forward, gentrified and matured. If once the district was (in)famous for grotto-like shops and bizarre street fashions, today its a polished place of four-wheel... Read more


BlogRestaurants 3 June 2016 0

Traditionally under-utilized, the last few years have seen a concerted attempt to breathe life into Warsaw’s riverbanks. This summer sees new peaks being reached, and that’s largely due to a medley of new openings, among them Munchies. Set on a moored barge, find a venue that fills multiples roles:... Read more
Burger Tales. More Than Meats The Eye.
Warburger expand to cover more than just burgers… by Alex WEBBER I am a sucker for a feel good story, and they don’t get more rags-to-riches than the tale of Warburger. Opened down in Mokotów in 2012, the original took root in one of those cabin-style huts you usually... Read more