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Udon Noodle Bar

Udon Noodle Bar

Restaurants 6 January 2019 2

Hidden behind fogged-up windows, the simplistic interiors belie a brief menu that has struck a chord with the local Chinese community for the authenticity of its hand-stretched Lamian noodles and freshly-steamed dim sum – they look good, and they eat even better. Reminiscent of the kind of clattery venue... Read more
Rico’s Concept
Never let a name fool you. While Rico’s might sound more like a Mexican food truck, the reality presents a former bathhouse luxuriously decorated with handpainted Majolica, swanky fittings and even a shimmery pool. The menu has won plaudits around town for its stunning authenticity. Full review soon. Rico’s Concept... Read more
Review: Pańska 85
If there’s one cuisine guaranteed to fill me with nostalgia, it’s Chinese. Growing up in early 90s Bristol, nothing screamed Friday night more than a furtive evening of underage spending in the pub followed by a late night Chinese. Left to our own devices, I’m certain that the food... Read more
Pańska 85

Pańska 85

Restaurants 25 February 2017 0

As a venue, it instantly elicits awe: ample in size, the interiors speak of money well spent. This is especially true because despite the luxury trimmings (e.g., Veuve Clicquot cushions, a grand spanking piano and top dollar bottles), Pańska looks good without ever losing its dignity. In fairness though,... Read more
Regina Bar

Regina Bar

Restaurants 12 November 2016 0

When it comes to breaking conventions, there’s not many restaurants that vie with MOD: inside an eclectic interior find artisan donuts for sale alongside menu items that mix elements of French fine dining with Asian street food. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Likewise, MOD’s new venture: Regina Bar.... Read more
Pełną Parą na Nowo
A good gauge of Pełną Parą’s swoon-worthy offerings is the Dim Sum Mix: find a duo of Chinese dumplings (pork/shitake & bamboo/shrimp) plus a spicy kimchi-style cucumber salad topped off with some fried wontons and spring rolls. Ideal for sharing, such is the quality you really believe that Warsaw... Read more
China Garden

China Garden

Restaurants 1 July 2015 0

Bull’s testicles boiled with soy sprouts. Goose jaws. Stewed bull’s penis with radish. Ah, these are meals for the brave. Allegedly the first Jiangsu restaurant in Warsaw, the tastes here are indeed unique. The China Garden isn’t the Imperial Palace, but the décor of straight-backed chairs and densely constructed... Read more
Cesarski Pałac
A rouge tinted Chinese restaurant whose design even incorporates a footbridge. Widely acclaimed, this 18-year-old restaurant combines Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine to serve a variety of dishes in an elegant backdrop. The Dim Sum are something else.  Cesarski Pałac ul. Senatorska 27, tel. 22 827 9707, open Mon-Fri 12:00-23:00; Sat... Read more

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