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Chmielna Regeneration Gets Closer
Once the apple of Warsaw’s eye, an imminent tender is to be announced to restore Chmielna to its best. Announced earlier today, confirmation of the project has been several years in the pipeline. Among other things, over 100 trees will be planted alongside flowerbeds, shrubs and perennials. Several dozen... Read more
Coming Soon: Warsaw Beer Festival
As the next installment of the Warsaw Beer Festival looms ever closer, join us for a look at the multitude of attractions that make it a must for ALL nationalities… There is a saying – or at least we think that there is – that beer has no borders.... Read more
Cafe Scene: El Cafetero
Subtly sneaked away from the clamor of Marszałkowska, El Cafetero is the neighborhood secret that all need to know… A Family Affair First born as a roastery overseen by a father and son, El Cafetero’s growing reputation all but demanded a café in which their results could be showcased.... Read more
For The Weekend: Galaxy Playground
Open until April 29th, the Galaxy Playground does more than simply showcase products from Samsung’s portfolio. Free to visit, it’s already earned much publicity since its February launch, attracting as it has an army of influencers and social media personalities. Why? Because of the endless opportunities it presents to... Read more
Going Out: Gemba
Relocating themselves after years on Wilcza, the new-look Gemba on Chmielna transpires to be a… hidden Gem-ba! Location, Location We’ve had something of a rocky relationship with Chmielna. Once one of Warsaw’s key high streets, the last decade or so has seen it degenerate into a scuffed-looking space filled... Read more
Eating Out: Baken
Simple but impactful, Baken has already secured its spot on the foodie map of Warsaw… When René Redzepi announced the closure of his innovative temple of gastronomy, NOMA, it seemed to confirm the tanking stock of the fine dining sector. But if fine dining is on the way out,... Read more
Local Landmarks: Copernicus Statue
Looking pensive and wise, Warsaw’s Nicolas Copernicus monument is certainly up there as one of the city’s best-known landmarks. Honoring the first academic to suggest that the world traveled around the sun, and not vice versa, the statue was eight-years in the making, with the design first coined by... Read more
Green Revolution: Palace of Culture
Five bids ranging from between PLN 61.2 million to PLN 73.3 million have been submitted as part of a competitive tender process that will decide which contractor redevelops Pl. Defilad. Once a winner is decided, the chosen firm will then have 60 weeks to execute the redesign as previously... Read more
Donut Day: What, Where When!
We’ve got that Thursday feeling! Falling this year on February 16th, there can be few days in Poland more deeply cherished than Tłusty Czwartek… Rooted in Poland’s devoutly religious psyche, historically-speaking the last Thursday before the Lent holiday was traditionally a day on which worshippers would feast on goodies... Read more
Art Nouveau Pearl Restored
A historic tenement house in the heart of Warsaw has been restored to its prime following a painstaking renovation conducted by the city. Formally known as Kamienica Maksymiliana Harczyka, it was designed by Dawid Lange, a Łódź-born architect who achieved longstanding fame for authoring – among others – the... Read more