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Warsaw Named 9th In World Vegan Rankings
Warsaw has again been named among the most vegan-friendly cities in the world by HappyCow, the planet’s most comprehensive guide to plant-based restaurants. Issued for the first time since 2019, the latest report by the globally recognized portal places Warsaw in ninth behind London, Berlin, New York, Melbourne, Singapore,... Read more
Review: Pinta Warszawa
Who Are They? Behold, the founding fathers of the country’s craft beer movement! When they released Atak Chmielu in 2011, it became Poland’s first commercially available American IPA and lit the touchpaper for the country’s brew-olution. Three years later, Pinta were at it again, this time with another first... Read more
Review: K-Bar Piękna
Background Over the years this upstairs space on Piękna has been many things to many people – most recently though, it’s made waves in its current guise, that of an intriguing den of Korean ‘things’. Launched before the pandemic, it was born from the vision of two friends, Czesio... Read more
Miniature Park Returns!
Settling for a three-year lease on the corner of Świętokrzyska and Marszałkowska, this remarkable labor of love presents a range of meticulously detailed 1:25 scale models of some of the most glorious buildings. Showcasing the lost architectural gems that once dazzled the city, visitors can once again get up... Read more
Freaky Corpse Plant Thrills Warsaw!
Commonly known as ‘the corpse plant’ on account of the hideous smell it gives off when in bloom, the amorphophallus titanium first fell into the Botanical Garden’s ownership a decade ago when it arrived from the exotic island of Sumatra. Since then, however, it has stubbornly refused to bloom... Read more
The New Face Of Chmielna!
Announced yesterday by City Hall, a winning design has been selected that will dramatically alter the face of Chmielna. Currently noted for its shuttered stores, graffiti squiggles and littered, barren spaces, the street has long been overlooked in the campaign to glorify the center. Now, that stands to change... Read more
Warsaw’s Newest Monument Debuts
Positioned at the junction of Kopernika and Świętokrzyska, the work honors the Solidarity movement that played such a pivotal role in the fall of Communism. Created following a campaign by Janusz K. Dorosiewicz (previously credited as the driving force behind monuments to Ronald Reagan and footballer Kazimierz Deyna), the... Read more
Nocny Market: Chapter VI
For the best surprise of what’s been a stinker of a year, see the reopening of Nocny Market: months after Warsaw bade a tearful final farewell to this nocturnal institution, along came the news that, well, they hadn’t died… again. For newbies, then the story is as follows: debuting... Read more
All Change For Jerozolimskie
“The capital city will undergo a metamorphosis similar to ones experienced by European metropolises such as Copenhagen and Stockholm,” Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski told the press. “We will introduce solutions that will reconcile the expectations of pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and entrepreneurs,” he continued. “All this so that the city, which... Read more
Confirmed: Warsaw To Get Giant Egg!
The work of Joanna Rajkowska, the two-meter wide egg aims to call to attention the environmental challenges faced by the planet, and will be located on Plac Pięcu Rogów, an urban project that is set to transform the junction where Chmielna, Bracka, Zgoda, Krucza and Szpitalna meet. Redesigned by... Read more