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RIP Helmut Jahn: Cosmopolitan Creator Dies
German-born, Jahn forged his reputation in the States with projects such as Philadelphia’s One Liberty Place. Dubbed Flash Gordon following the realization of the sci-fi looking Terminal 1 of O’Hare International (‘the terminal of the future’), Jahn continued to wow the world with his frequently pioneering designs. “I embrace... Read more
Hidden History: MDM
Sometimes referred to as the ‘propaganda district’ it was here that the commie town planners let idealism run free. “A stone wedding cake covered with balconies built of boulders,” wrote one critic. Although much of the area survived the war, this was not enough to save it. Earmarked to... Read more
On The Rise: Museum of Modern Art
Heavy with black and white graphics, the fence has been designed to deliver a clear message to the passing pedestrian: “19,788 m2 of art – imagine it”, urges the communication. This, say museum officials, will become even easier on May 15th when Jerzy Blomberg and Michał Ziętek will take... Read more
A New Benchmark In PRL Design
First submitted as part of 2017’s civic budget, the idea was coined by Olga Gastecka who sought to enhance the area’s public space by adding city furniture that would provide “a place of rest for thousands of rushing people.” To do so, it was decided to follow the aesthetics... Read more
Seize The… Deyna

Seize The… Deyna

Features 2 September 2020 0

Long before Robert Lewandowski and the era of megabucks modern football, one player dominated the Polish game to an extent that resounds to this day. Regarded as the nation’s first ever global celebrity sportsman, Kazimierz Deyna ranked alongside the best and in the process orchestrated the nation’s rise to... Read more
Review: The Botanist
If the lockdown was something of a death sentence for the restaurant scene, it’s telling that the few places that are opening are serving the cuisine people want: and in this city’s case, then yes, that means vegan. The Botanist, though, is something a little more. Okay, so we’re... Read more
Public Art: Battle of Warsaw 1920
Jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and KGHM Polska Miedź SA, the giant mural celebrates Poland’s momentous triumph over the Bolsheviks, a victory that historians credit with saving Western Europe from being swept away under communism. “It is worth emphasizing that the victory in the... Read more
The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy

Features 21 July 2020 0

Sixty-five years old today, we dredge through the archives to present the Insider’s quintessential piece about the Palace of Culture and Science… BY JAY MARTIN The inclusion of the Palace of Culture & Science on Warsaw’s official heritage list in 2007 provoked general outrage. A protest letter signed by... Read more
Nocny Market: Back From The Brink!
For the best surprise of what’s been a bit of a rotten summer, see the reopening of Nocny Market: months after Warsaw bade a tearful final farewell to this nocturnal institution, along came the news that, well, they hadn’t died yet. For newbies, then the story is thus: debuting... Read more
Review: Zkurczybyk
On A Wing & A Prayer As if delivered from the heavens, the wingmen of Warsaw have a new house of worship… Described by The Guardian as “God’s greatest gift to the planet”, the Buffalo wing (so named after the city, not the horned beast), has finally flapped its... Read more