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All Change For Jerozolimskie
“The capital city will undergo a metamorphosis similar to ones experienced by European metropolises such as Copenhagen and Stockholm,” Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski told the press. “We will introduce solutions that will reconcile the expectations of pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and entrepreneurs,” he continued. “All this so that the city, which... Read more
Confirmed: Warsaw To Get Giant Egg!
The work of Joanna Rajkowska, the two-meter wide egg aims to call to attention the environmental challenges faced by the planet, and will be located on Plac Pięcu Rogów, an urban project that is set to transform the junction where Chmielna, Bracka, Zgoda, Krucza and Szpitalna meet. Redesigned by... Read more
The Next Big Thing!
Once known as Ulrich Gardens in honor of Jan Bogumił Ulrich (the 19th century gardener that took care of Ogród Saski), it was here that he kept rows of greenhouses that grew exotica such as pineapples. Long overlooked, the area will now be revived thanks to a project conducted... Read more
RIP Helmut Jahn: Cosmopolitan Creator Dies
German-born, Jahn forged his reputation in the States with projects such as Philadelphia’s One Liberty Place. Dubbed Flash Gordon following the realization of the sci-fi looking Terminal 1 of O’Hare International (‘the terminal of the future’), Jahn continued to wow the world with his frequently pioneering designs. “I embrace... Read more
Wilanów Park: Winner Announced
Organized by the Warsaw branch of SARP, a competitive process to design the space was won by RS Architektura Krajobrazu with their proposal envisioning building a coherent synergy between recreation, leisure, gastronomy and local trade. Set to be created at the intersection of Przyczółkowa, Crewna, Rzeczpospolitej and Karuzela, the... Read more
A New Benchmark In PRL Design
First submitted as part of 2017’s civic budget, the idea was coined by Olga Gastecka who sought to enhance the area’s public space by adding city furniture that would provide “a place of rest for thousands of rushing people.” To do so, it was decided to follow the aesthetics... Read more
Feeling Ele-phantastic?
Attracting the attention of such portals as the BBC, The Guardian and CNN, the project was born after one elephant started grieving following the death of one of the herd in March. “Fredzia reacted strangely when she saw Erna’s body. She was really excited,” Dr Agnieszka Czujkowska, told the... Read more
Step Inside: Nobu Opens Its Doors!
The waiting is over! With its opening originally pushed back due to the challenges presented by the coronavirus, the Nobu Warsaw Hotel finally opened its doors to receive guests yesterday. Joining two distinct sections – one a hyper-modern, black, V-shaped structure, and the other the pristine white tenement that... Read more
Blast To The Past!

Blast To The Past!

Features 24 April 2020 0

Fusing high-tech with extensive historical research, an archaeologist has brought the ancient settlement of Bródno back to life… Challenge a local to describe Bródno, and it’s likely that even the most patriotic resident would mumble “grey”. Noted largely for its gloomy tower blocks and anonymous estates, not many would... Read more
Remembering The Ghetto Uprising
With the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising set to fall this Sunday the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews have revealed plans allowing the public to commemorate the date despite the country’s ongoing lockdown. Since 2013 the Muranów-based museum has relied on a small army... Read more