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Lockdown House Party!
The weekend starts NOW! And the best party in town? Your house! COCKTAILS With cocktail bars unable to deliver booze to your door, a clutch have sidestepped the law by sending out pre-made, non-alcoholic mixes you can top up yourself with the poison of your choice. For favorites… scroll.... Read more
Syreni Śpiew Koneser
Almost mad in the scale of its vision, the multi-floor set up is a big, sexy mash of steel stairs, plush sofas and industrial ephemera. Cocktails are flawless and enjoyed by a glam, pussycat crowd that ranges from downright delicious to the kind of club creatures that stop you... Read more
Nightlife: The Party’s In Praga!
Make Mine A Large One! The Insider hits the bars of Praga to enjoy both ends of the spectrum… From High Life… In the past, if you had used the word knife edge in the same sentence as Praga it would have been in reference to a mugging or... Read more


Going Out 27 March 2019 0

Helping to fan the ‘sense of secret’, the no-cellphone policy (you cover the camera with a sticker) ensures a zero amount of berks recording the shenanigans that await. Allow the names they’ve pulled do the talking – past events include sets by Pete Tong, Laurent Garnier and Hercules &... Read more
Wisła By Night

Wisła By Night

Features 7 July 2018 0

With Warsaw’s night owls making their seasonal migration to the Wisła, the Insider plunges headfirst into the waters of debauchery… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Disregarding the fact that it read suspiciously like a listicle generated through a quick bit of internet research, when The Guardian... Read more
Room 13

Room 13

Going Out 8 June 2017 0

Connected by a series of inter-linking archways, rooms inside this dressy club throb at the weekends with a super sexy crowd letting loose under the vaulted ceilings. Now in their fifth year, it’s become a stalwart of the Mazowiecka scene. Room 13  ul. Mazowiecka 13, Read more
No  Comment

No Comment

Going Out 26 August 2016 0

No Comment is a breath of fresh air compared to previous venues found in Most Poniatowskiego, with an upmarket bearing, ritzy cocktails and deep interiors that have the delicious, dark decadence of a David Lynch film. Adopting a Parisian style, the management are keen on promoting both the a... Read more
Backstage Studio
Snuggled into a row of shabby cabins mostly rented to sex shops and gambling dens, Backstage feels secretive and clandestine. In spite of that, it’s earned a name among the younger generation as one of the best spaces in Warsaw for electro, minimal and techno nights (check their Facebook... Read more
Desperados Party Challenge!
On Saturday 27th February Flirtini, Mewa Towarzyska, Szpadyzor Records, and Wiadomo will vie for the title of National Party Creator Champion, a one-of-a-kind event no club stage in the world has ever hosted before! The star-studded party will feature guest DJ sets by: SBCR (The Bloody Beetroots), White Lies... Read more

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