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Sto Lat Maluch!

Sto Lat Maluch!

Features 12 June 2018 0

June 6th marked the 45th anniversary of the Fiat 126p. Nicknamed Maluch (‘the little one’), the diminutive rear-engine car has since acquired cult status both at home and abroad… and even Hollywood. The Maluch was introduced to Poland as part of Edward Gierek’s plan to ‘motorize’ the nation. Prior... Read more
On A Pedestal: Nike
Resilient, courageous, combative and triumphant, the figure of Nike is all these and more. Standing at the intersection of Nowy Przejazd and Solidarności, the Greek Goddess of Victory (you didn’t think we were referring to the sneaker firm, did you?), is also arguably the city’s most misunderstood monument. Certainly,... Read more
Stones Return?

Stones Return?

Insider News 29 December 2017 0

The Rolling Stones are set to make a sensational return to Warsaw over fifty years since they last played in the Polish capital. With the arena in Chorzow already booked to host Guns’n’Roses this coming summer, speculation has mounted that the Stones will choose instead to perform at the... Read more
Night of Museums – Praga
Though Praga isn’t necessarily known for its museums, the few that is has have achieved a cult status. In addition, numerous indy galleries and theaters will be welcoming visitors ensuring that even this gritty district will be alive on the night. Museum of Life Under Communism Despite its small... Read more
Milk Bar Saved!
A legendary Muranów milk bar has been saved from the scrapheap following the intervention of Kamil Hagemajer. Opened in the 1950’s, Bar Gdański has operated on Andersa 33 since the very creation of this showpiece Socialist Realist housing estate. Recent years have seen Gdański’s fortunes decline with this Warsaw... Read more
The Beast-ern Wall

The Beast-ern Wall

Features 11 March 2017 0

Once a symbol of a Brave New World, the Ściana Wschodnia (Eastern Wall) running down Marszałkowska is more than just a 60s throwback… BY ALEX WEBBER Although the war left much of Marszałkowska mangled and mauled, it is a misconception to think that the buildings of old were beyond... Read more
Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

Features 10 March 2017 0

Declassified after decades of secrecy, the doors have now opened on Warsaw’s nuclear secret… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT On the face of it, this has the feel of a normal, spring Sunday. Suburban Warsaw is hungover and quiet, so quiet that you can almost hear... Read more
Monumental Efforts
A six-meter tall yellow, Styrofoam monument has caused a stir after being unveiled in October in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts. Drawing parallels to the ‘Four Sleepers’ monument celebrating Polish-Soviet ‘brotherhood in arms’, the parody has been revealed to be the work of Kaisu Almonkari. However,... Read more
Light Relief – Warsaw’s Neon Comeback
Embraced by the hipster generation, the art of neon has enjoyed an unlikely revival. At the center of this resurgence is a small little workshop operated by Jacek Hanak…  by Stuart DOWELL | photos by Kevin DEMARIA Warsaw, Targówek, ulica Rzeczna. Our fellow bus passengers have dwindled until it is just... Read more
Polish Fashion Comes Out Of The Closet
After an age of dullness and monotony, the Polish fashion scene has come out in style. Events such as the Fashion Designer Awards have helped young designers break through while raising awareness among Poles about the local fashion scene. The winner Dominika Syczyńska was awarded a fashion internship in... Read more