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Hot This August: Otwarta Ząbkowska
More than just another street, Ząbkowska has long been considered Praga’s spiritual gateway – in layman’s terms, a place where ‘things happen’. A celebration of art, literature, film, music, theater and food, the annual Otwarta Ząbkowska festival is the physical manifestation of this, a prism through which the area... Read more
Andersa Day

Andersa Day

BlogInsider News 17 September 2016 0

For the fourth year running residents of Muranów will gather to celebrate ‘Andersa Day’. Created in 2013, the initiative aims to promote local business whilst also strengthening community ties. To meet this end a number of activities are planned, among them open-air pilates and yoga classes, a bike repair... Read more
Emilia On The Move
Cited as one of the most outstanding examples of post-modernism in Poland, the future of the Emilia building on Emili Plater looks a little more assured after it was confirmed that the structure will be disassembled and then moved to a new location by the Palace of Culture. The... Read more
The Pearl Of Praga
Ząbkowska is more than just another street: it’s Praga’s spiritual gateway, a place where ‘things happen’. Its credentials attesting to this are numerous, though none stand up to scrutiny better than Otwarta Ząbkowska, a festival that seeks to encourage the ‘creative exchange of ideas and mutual inspiration’. Now in... Read more