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Backs Against The Wall
How has the pandemic effected your operations? KS: Let’s face it, almost the whole world has come to a stop so it’s not looking too colorful. From the ten projects we had planned for April, we executed two. On the plus side, we were always careful to build a... Read more
Word From The Streets
Weeks after going viral having decorated a wall on Tamka with a mural dedicated to Poland’s health workers, Good Looking Studio are back at it again, cheering up Warsaw with messages of hope during the lockdown. Specializing in XXL wall art, the maverick agency have debuted four non-commercial murals... Read more
Enter The Baron

Enter The Baron

Features 20 April 2020 0

WI: We knew about the virus for months, yet it seems every single country in Europe was surprised when it hit them. As an industry, should the restaurant world have taken more notice? AB: We have a proverb in Polish – mądry Polak po szkodzie – which means it’s... Read more
Ten Of The Best: Lockdown Pizza
Well, it’s got to be the tastiest quarantine we’ve ever had. With Warsaw going pizza mad the last month, we bring you ten to watch in these takeaway times… Ave Pizza ul. Topiel 12 Arguments about Warsaw’s best pizza aren’t complete without someone suggesting Ave. Using a 72-hour process... Read more
Remembering The Ghetto Uprising
With the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising set to fall this Sunday the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews have revealed plans allowing the public to commemorate the date despite the country’s ongoing lockdown. Since 2013 the Muranów-based museum has relied on a small army... Read more
Lockdown House Party!
The weekend starts NOW! And the best party in town? Your house! COCKTAILS With cocktail bars unable to deliver booze to your door, a clutch have sidestepped the law by sending out pre-made, non-alcoholic mixes you can top up yourself with the poison of your choice. For favorites… scroll.... Read more
A Night With Netflix!
Friday night means movie night! Delivered to your door by Room Service (, check our perfect partners for an evening in front of the box… Deseo The best pairing since Lennon and McCartney, ice cream and movies go together like peas in a pod. And when thinking of the... Read more
Edamame Vegan Sushi
Of Warsaw’s fifty plus vegan restaurants few have caught the imagination as much as Edamame: ranked by the international portal HappyCow as the city’s top vegan restaurant, what sounds like an almost ludicrous concept – sushi without its primary ingredient – transpires to be every bit as good as... Read more
Coffee To Your Door!
Don’t Worry, Be Frappe! In the face of adversity, a clutch of cafes have stepped up to the plate in their quest to supply the city with coffee. Biała ul. Francuska 2 A pristine dove-colored interwar villa plays home to Biała, a venue whose signature piece is an outdoor... Read more
Not All Heroes Wear Capes!
A striking new mural has been unveiled on Tamka paying tribute to the unrelenting work of health workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Complete with the slogan “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”, the mural, found on Tamka 37, features members of the public together with Superman looking on admiringly at... Read more