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Review: Pinta Warszawa
Who Are They? Behold, the founding fathers of the country’s craft beer movement! When they released Atak Chmielu in 2011, it became Poland’s first commercially available American IPA and lit the touchpaper for the country’s brew-olution. Three years later, Pinta were at it again, this time with another first... Read more
Summer Sippin’: 9 Newbies For Summer!
Flaming Bistro Francuska 2 With its perfect white colors, the glass-fronted oblong form of this pearl of interwar modernism has an elegant sophistication to it that’s delicious on the eye. But it becomes even more so out the back. It’s here you’ll find a garden that’s been in-filled with... Read more
Where To Watch: Euro 20+1
*Please note that this list will be updated at timely intervals as and when more places go public with their plans and / or bother responding to their messages! Furthermore, keep in mind that due to the ongoing pandemic (you haven’t forgotten that, have you?), reservations are advised in... Read more
The Drinks Cart

The Drinks Cart

Features 29 December 2020 0

Craft Beer A Może Pifko Kabacki Dukt 8 Kabaty has a gold mine in the form of A Może Pifko, a store with some 500 or so different beers and about fifteen taps manned by well-informed staff accustomed to everyday dealings with craft nerds. When you’re done stocking up... Read more
The Kings Of Craft!
Supporting the craft industry does not mean putting others at risk: remember, keep your distance, wash your hands and be good! Artezan Pub ul. Moniuszki 1A The country has crazier breweries for sure, but does it have anyone more consistent than the lads at Artezan. Famed for their Pacific... Read more
Join The Beer Trail!
The initiative of Wolny Kraft, the project is a work in progress with seven walks currently presented online (two of which are in English) and yet more in the pipeline. Featuring easy-to-use maps sprinkled with historical points of interest, the sightseeing routes take users not just past some of... Read more
Six Of The Best: After-Work Drinks!
Returning to work has had its pluses: namely, being able to hit the bar right after you finish! With no further ado, we bring you the places you’ll find us in the weeks right ahead… Pardon To Tu Al. Armii Ludowej 14 If the old PTT looked rebel and... Read more
Feeling Crafty? Warsaw’s Top Craft Beer Taps
Can’t wait for the pubs to open? Then we’ve collected our favorite stores selling freshly tapped beer from the country’s artisan breweries. Despite diabolical, and frankly petrifying forecasts as to their longer-term future, Poland’s craft producers have continued to do what they do best – churn out some of... Read more
Neighborhood Watch: The Best of Saska Kępa
Mięsny  ul. Walecznych 64 This butcher / deli / bistro is arguably the principal reason foodies visit Saska and its popularity hasn’t waned since the lockdown. From the counter, order such goodies as pastrami, roast beef, porchetta, regional hams and locally produced pates, while from the menu, enjoy a... Read more
Friday Night: Beer of the Week!
The pubs might be closed but the breweries ain’t! And neither, for that matter, are the off-licenses. Having gone overboard on ‘foreign stuff’ last week, this Friday we’re keeping it local – and it doesn’t get more local than Palatum. Recognized as Warsaw’s first bona fide craft brewery, they’ve... Read more