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Notes: Kufle I Kapsle Powiśle
Opened mid-July, Kufle’s latest venture is a throwback to the time when Powiśle was indy and upcoming and on the frontline of hip. Doing it in a way that feels shabby, gritty but yet totally cool, this is a bar that riffs on themes of industrial and retro to... Read more
Food & Drink Diary

Food & Drink Diary

Blog 2 July 2018 0

It’s been a great month to gallivant around the bars and restaurants of Warsaw, with several highs and lows recorded in our ongoing quest to smash the scales and live life to the max… Firstly, and nothing says June more than a big glass of Pimms. A growing number... Read more
Review: Kukpit
Back to the riverfront we go! With the Wisła heating up for summer, all eyes are on Barka Wynurzenie, one of the great, big hits of recent years. Accessed over a bouncy gangplank, find this classic barge venue – its deck strung with hammocks – anchored close to the... Read more
Review: Pardon To Tu
Pardon To Tu, remember them? Regarded as one of Warsaw’s most experimental live music venues, its closure at the start of last year was a kick in the nuts for the city’s alternative ‘night people’. Having seen the original venue on Pl. Grzybowski bulldozed as part of the area’s... Read more
Notes: Chmielołak Bis
Signposted by an entrance painted British postbox red, this newbie has all the hallmarks of the quintessential neighborhood bar. That said, seeing they don’t even have a bar (just a line of taps and a barmaid standing in front of them), maybe calling it a bar in the traditional... Read more
Chmielołak Bis
A cute wooden-decked garden aside, reasons to visit include ten taps of craft beer and the kind of casual vibe that sees an after-work beer turn into eight. If full, sit downstairs in the snug, secret basement. If not, then perch in the window seat to view suburban Saska... Read more
Piwna Gwardia

Piwna Gwardia

Shopping 14 May 2018 0

Despite its small footprint, Piwna Gwardia packs a big punch in its tiny, box-like layout. Presenting a comprehensive range of beers from Poland’s maverick craft breweries (and a few beyond the borders), the prodigious choice is complimented by five or so taps serving beer to go in growlers. Open... Read more


Going Out 24 April 2018 0

A leading light on the tap scene, Jabeerwocky’s commitment to thrusting weird wave beers upon the public is second to none. It’s the depth of their undertaking though that really impresses, with the fridge housing the broadest range of cider in the city. Super sociable, nights are steeped in... Read more
Drugie Dno

Drugie Dno

Going Out 10 April 2018 0

Steel girders, vintage voltage meters and toilets disguised as elevator shafts lend Drugie Dno the look of a disused power station. Amping the industrialized look to the max, it’s a joy to explore and even better to drink in. Plus points go to a legit menu, and their determination... Read more
Review: Mikkeller
When news first filtered through that Mikkeller were opening a bar in Warsaw there was that brief little moment akin to a déjà vu. “Remember BrewDog,” we all muttered as one. A cautionary tale if ever there was, BrewDog’s foray into Warsaw stands out as the most spectacular example... Read more