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French Ball

French Ball

Partner news 12 July 2017 0

Regarded as one of the key society events of the summer, the annual French Ball returns for its twelfth outing this Friday! The program includes a firework display, dancing, an open bar, hot / cold French buffet, pétanque and gifts for all those in attendance. This year, tickets are... Read more
Museum of Warsaw

Museum of Warsaw

Features 11 July 2017 0

Poland’s charge towards the modern has come at a cost. From a cultural point of view, it’s meant numerous museums and galleries placing traditional values on the sacrificial altar and trading them for swank facilities festooned with gadgets, gimmicks and buttons you can press. The modern museum is no... Read more
Notes: Museum of Warsaw
Reopened (and re-branded) at the end of May, the Museum of Warsaw (formerly the Museum of the History of Warsaw), might have made a quieter splash than other recent-ish openings – for instance, Polin or the Chopin Museum – the early signs suggest that it’s long-term impact will be... Read more
Weekend Happenings
Warsaw Orange Festival 2-3 June @ Służewiec, ul. Puławska 266 Warsaw’s biggest music festival has an array of acts booked to perform, among them Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, Kodaline and Justice. Tickets from zł. 109-399 @ orangewarsawfestival.pl Comic Con 1-4 June @ Ptak Warsaw Expo, Al. Katowicka 62... Read more
Night of Museums (Part 4)
Polin ul. Anielewicza 6, polin.pl When the idea for Polin, Museum of the History of Polish Jews, was born, a small blue ohel appeared on the site. Around it, architectural renderings were placed outlining the ultimate vision. Despite the detail on these it all seemed somber and modest: not... Read more
Night of Museums – Praga
Though Praga isn’t necessarily known for its museums, the few that is has have achieved a cult status. In addition, numerous indy galleries and theaters will be welcoming visitors ensuring that even this gritty district will be alive on the night. Museum of Life Under Communism Despite its small... Read more
Night of Pl. Europejski!
One year after Pl. Europejski was unveiled by Ghelamco, the real estate giant is at again with another evening of dash and dazzle. Organized to coincide with the Night of Museums, visitors to this ultra-cool square can expect a catalogue of attractions and activities from 5 p.m. onwards. First... Read more
Night of Museums 2017 (Part 1)
For the 14th year on the trot, the evening of May 20th will see Warsaw’s museums, galleries and assorted institutions fling their doors open as part of the city’s annual Night of Museums. Though queues – even in the unlikeliest venues – reach horrifying proportions, it’s one of those... Read more
Gallery Launch
Lauded by Fashion TV as the best black and white campaign photographer in the world, Szymon Brodziak is the youngest artist to ever be presented at the prestigious Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. Now, the general Warsaw public has its own chance to acquaint itself with the works of... Read more
Gallery of Steel Figures
If you’re anything like me, then the only thing you’ll know about Pruszków is its long-gone reputation as a mafia stronghold. Now, though, a new gallery is getting the town noticed for entirely more positive reasons… Allegedly inspired by Madama Tussauds, the gallery is the work of local artist... Read more