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Bike Revolution On Its Way!
As of March 1st, users of the city’s bike share scheme have been promised “a revolution” with the roll-out of the new look Veturilo bike. Set to debut on the first day of the month, 300 stations will offer up a total of 3,030 bikes. Of this number, 10%... Read more
New Bike Bridge One Step Closer
After much “will they, won’t they” speculation, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski formally rubber stamped the idea back in March. However, with the city’s purse strings looking tighter than ever, fears had been voiced that the project would end up on the cutting room floor. These have now been eased after... Read more
Under The Bridge
A new footbridge spanning the Wisła river has opened following eight months of work. Running underneath Most Łazienkowska, the PLN 13.5 million project consists of two separate footbridges running on either side: one for cyclists and pedestrians, and the other solely for bike users. Additionally, a further footbridge, this... Read more
Pedal Pushers

Pedal Pushers

BlogInsider News 25 February 2017 0

If in doubt, you know winter’s over with the first seasonal sighting of a Veturilo. Launched in 2012, the city’s bike share program has proved a runaway success, even being named by USA Today as one of the top 16 bicycle rental systems in the world. Now back on... Read more
2016: Year In Review (Part 1)
It’s trite to say so, but what a year that was… If you’re the sort of gloom monger that views their glass as half-empty, then you’ll probably be thinking Poland is about to plunge off a precipice. That maybe so, but it’s sure as hell been interesting getting there.... Read more
Out Of The Blue
A technology firm based outside of Warsaw has seen its latest project go viral after their work was picked up on by digital platforms such as Reddit, Bored Panda and the Daily Mail Online. Designed by TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych, their 100-meter long solar powered bike lane, unveiled close... Read more
Critical Mass Ends

Critical Mass Ends

Insider News 30 September 2016 0

A bumper turnout is expected tonight when Warsaw’s monthly Critical Mass bike ride leaves Pl. Zamkowy one final time. Originating in 2002, the public gathering was originally launched to encourage the use of bikes whilst also drawing attention to the sorry state of available infrastructure. Frequently attracting thousands of... Read more
The End of Critical Mass
Organizers have announced that Warsaw’s monthly Critical Mass bike ride will cease after September. First held in 2002, the gathering was originally coordinated to both encourage the use of bikes as a means of daily transport whilst also highlighting the lack of necessary infrastructure available for cyclists. However, organizers... Read more
Ride Warsaw

Ride Warsaw

BlogLeisure 27 August 2016 0

If you’re anything like me, and I sincerely hope you’re not, then the big problem with keeping fit is motivation. After the initial surge of enthusiasm fades you’re left with the grinding drudge that reality entails. Giving up is easy. And I’ll be honest, after twenty minutes at Ride... Read more
Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap

Features 17 April 2016 0

Warsaw’s increasing spatial awareness has resulted in the apparent green-light for a pedestrian bridge that hopes to reinvigorate Praga… A plan to link Praga and the right side of Warsaw with a pedestrian footbridge is a step closer to being realized after City Hall announced their approval of the... Read more