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The Home Of Chopin

The Home Of Chopin

Features 5 September 2016 0

Set 46 km west of Warsaw, a visit to the birthplace of composer Fryderyk Chopin has become a spiritual calling for the composer’s fans… It is, to many, the ultimate destination. For fans of Chopin, Żelazowa Wola is what the Vatican is to Catholics: a place of pilgrimage and... Read more
The Rust is History
Thirty kilometers from Warsaw lies a graveyard with a difference: a weird world of disintegrating cars… Where do cars go when they die? Well, there is no heaven for machines, but there is Grodzisk Mazowiecki, a sleepy little town southwest of Warsaw. It’s here that scores of vehicles lie,... Read more
Dworek w Kaputach

Dworek w Kaputach

Blog 9 June 2015 0

There’s one thing to do at Dworek w Kaputach, and that’s walk around the lake. You can circle it in about five minutes, but the truth is it always takes longer. No matter how many times you go around it, there’s always something that halts you in your tracks:... Read more
Day Tripping On The New Metro
Red Glass/Rondo Daszyńskiego:  we began our day with a history lesson. Rather intense but worthwhile for all ages is the Warsaw Rising Museum, a quick three minute walk from this metro stop. Lime Green Glass/Swiętokrzyska: whatever the weather the iconic Palace of Culture demands a photo, and possibly the occasional detour... Read more
Powiśle Now

Powiśle Now

Features 21 November 2014 1

Once a decrepit no-man’s land, Powiśle has matured into the area all others aspire to be: welcome, you might say, to the future of Warsaw. (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Kevin Demaria)  Not that far back in time the streets of central Powiśle were best skirted. Not because they were... Read more
Branching Out

Branching Out

FeaturesLeisure 5 November 2014 0

No longer is Nałęczów ‘just for the old people’, and Poland’s trendiest hotel is ample proof. The Insider takes a look at the village in the sky… (By Alex Webber | Photos Ed Wight)  Antelope in Poland? Don’t be stupid. I am though, which is why I’ve just suggested... Read more
Just A Perfect Day
Take 24hrs and a small section of the city and the Insider brings you a perfect day… It’s not often my day begins at daybreak – hey, those are the perks of being ‘funemployed’ – but on the occasions it does then WakeCup Café (Franciszkańska 14) is the first... Read more
Daytrip: Józefów
Rope Park: there are four levels –  the higher the level the higher into the tree tops you go. Being my husband’s first time he plumped for level 3, the adrenaline rush rope trail. My daughter and I watched and giggled as wannabe Tarzan precariously wobbled like a drunken trapeze... Read more
A River Runs Through It
The Wisła isn’t just an ugly brown thing that splits Warsaw in half: head down it and you’ll find it flanked with secrets both open and hidden. (By Alex Webber | Photos Ed Wight)  “Stop! Stop right now!!” I’m usually quite reserved when sat in the passenger seat, but... Read more
A New Look at Wilanów Palace
Regardless of the youthish, yachtie feel of New Wilanów (Ralph Lauren, Porsche, job in finance sector: mandatory), the area will always be synonymous with one thing and one thing alone: its palace. Affirming that Wilanów has always been the haunt of choice for the rich and even richer is... Read more