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Warsaw Venues In World Design Top 10
Not one, but two Warsaw hangouts have been named in Dezeen’s “Top 10 Bar & Restaurant Interiors 2022”. Competing against venues from the likes of London, Lyon, Antwetp and Seoul, the Polish capital was the only city to feature two entries on the hotlist with Va Bene Cicchetti and... Read more
A New Benchmark In PRL Design
First submitted as part of 2017’s civic budget, the idea was coined by Olga Gastecka who sought to enhance the area’s public space by adding city furniture that would provide “a place of rest for thousands of rushing people.” To do so, it was decided to follow the aesthetics... Read more
Posters From The Edge
Created for the Poster Polytechnic, the work of graphic artist Katarzyna Nowakowska found itself going viral after being seized upon by both foreign and domestic media. Aiming to express the natural beauty of Poland, the series depicts eight distinct regions with Nowakowska describing her work as “minimalist and delicate... Read more
Light Relief!

Light Relief!

Features 26 May 2020 0

With Warsaw undergoing a neon resurgence, we track down our favorites: the new, the old, the storied and those that are simply stunning… CeDeT Bracka / Jerozolimskie Designed and produced in East Germany as ‘an expression of gratitude’ after the Germans were given use of the first floor to... Read more
Locum Concept Store
“Come to look, touch or even talk,” says their website, revealing much about their commitment to personalized service and attention to detail. Promoting local brands and creatives, art, fashion and design come together as one in Locum, a concept store that packs much into its offer: jewelry, clothing, ceramics,... Read more
Wallpaper Hails Warsaw Restaurant
Warsaw’s Opasły Tom restaurant found itself plunged into the global spotlight in January after being shortlisted by Wallpaper* magazine in the restaurant category of its annual design awards. Though losing out to Europe’s only underwater restaurant, Norway’s much-acclaimed Under, the eatery nonetheless found itself heaped with praise by the... Read more
Dobry Design

Dobry Design

Shopping 3 January 2020 0

Looking to trick out your apartment with top end design pieces? Look no further. Designer furniture, accessories and lighting solutions await inside a catch-all space whose portfolio includes brands such as Inspirium, Maduu Studio, Nordic Line and J-Line. Dobry Design Pl. Konesera (Centrum Praskie Koneser) Read more
Polish Design

Polish Design

Shopping 2 January 2020 0

Split into three zones, Polish Design presents alternative wedding fashion, design pieces and artwork inside a people (and animal!) friendly space that seeks to showcase the best in domestic creativity: bags, jewelry, clothing, art and much more besides await inside. Polish Design Pl. Konesera (Centrum Praskie Koneser) Read more
Review: Yestersen Cafe
Not content with ruling the domestic scene where online vintage furnishings are concerned, Yestersen have gone one better and opened a bricks-and-mortar venture – complete with coffee while you browse! And beautiful it is, too. Already the subject of rave reviews from Vogue, Elle and other such influential titles,... Read more
Alpha Mail: Wacky Stamps Go Viral
A series of stamps commemorating the oddest holidays you’ve never heard of have earned a young Polish designer worldwide attention… A Warsaw-based designer has had his work thrust under an international spotlight after creating a set of stamps celebrating bizarre, little-known holidays. Titled ‘The Calendar of Unusual Holidays’, the... Read more