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A Weekend To Remember!
They’re baaaack! Several months after we enjoyed our last legally poured pint, news that bars and restaurants are back serving – albeit in a limited, outdoor only capacity – couldn’t have come soon enough. And that news has been boosted by a string of new venues and concepts –... Read more
First Orders!
Serving from a minute past midnight, a slew of Warsaw legends have promised to get the party started without any further ado. On the craft beer front, the city’s first tap bar, Cuda Na Kiju, will be welcoming guests from 00:01 along with their sister bar Zamieszanie. Doing roaring... Read more
Powiśle: 26 Things You NEED To Do
Editorial note: for the avoidance of doubt, we’ve used Google maps to define what constitutes the boundaries of Powiśle. Instagram… A Mural Like the rest of Warsaw’s upcoming areas Powiśle is sprinkled with murals, the most famous of which is Captain America on Zajęcza 8. Painted in 2012 by... Read more
Great Outdoors: Warsaw’s Best Summer Drink Spots!
For the Insider’s top choices for al fresco drinking, look no further than the following seasonal stars… Bar Studio Pl. Defilad 1 The dehumanizing scale of the Palace of Culture is diluted in warmer weather when Pl. Defilad turns into something of an outdoor party thanks to Bar Studio’s... Read more
Six Of The Best: After-Work Drinks!
Returning to work has had its pluses: namely, being able to hit the bar right after you finish! With no further ado, we bring you the places you’ll find us in the weeks right ahead… Pardon To Tu Al. Armii Ludowej 14 If the old PTT looked rebel and... Read more
Elektrownia Powiśle Opens!
With the original opening delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Elektrownia Powiśle have finally cut the ribbon on a mixed use concept that’s set to change not just the local landscape, but also set a new benchmark across the entire Central Eastern European region. Anchored by a non-standard retail... Read more
Feeling Crafty? Warsaw’s Top Craft Beer Taps
Can’t wait for the pubs to open? Then we’ve collected our favorite stores selling freshly tapped beer from the country’s artisan breweries. Despite diabolical, and frankly petrifying forecasts as to their longer-term future, Poland’s craft producers have continued to do what they do best – churn out some of... Read more
Bocca Bar & Bistro

Bocca Bar & Bistro

Restaurants 25 February 2020 0

A swipe of the curtain draped over the entrance takes you to a world far removed from the office blocks outside – a relaxed sanctuary of sorts, the lounge-like vibe is emphasized through the generous use of comfortable armchairs, warm lighting, plush fabrics and so forth. And with a... Read more
Notes: Ceviche Bar

Notes: Ceviche Bar

Blog 15 February 2020 0

Run, you suspect, as a form of self-expression, Argentinean chef Martin Gimenez Castro has injected his passion and personality into Ceviche Bar, a venue whose name is something of a misnomer – sure there’s ceviche (and magnificent it is), but there’s also so much more. Cooking beneath a mural... Read more
Valentine’s: Drinks For Two
With dinner done comes the next Valentine’s quandary – where to head for post-prandial drinks? 12 on 14 ul. Noakowskiego 16 For a country with such a noble jazz tradition the paucity of dedicated clubs in the capital feels like an aberration. Doing a sterling job of filling that... Read more