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Nocny Market

Nocny Market

Going Out 10 June 2019 0

For the best surprise this summer, see the reopening of Nocny Market: months after Warsaw bade a tearful farewell to this nocturnal institution, along came the news that, well, they hadn’t died yet. More than just an ultra-edgy collection of ethnic cook spots, the weekend Nocny Market is the... Read more
Nocny Market: The End
So it ends. Three years after reshaping the way Warsaw eats and meets, Nocny Market will be opening for one last hurrah this weekend before making way for the builders. Housed for the last few summers on the disintegrating platforms of Warszawa Głowna, a long overdue plan to revamp... Read more
Nocny Market

Nocny Market

Restaurants 26 May 2018 0

It’s back! Set on and around a disused train platform, this weekend hangout gets thronged with crowds clamoring over an ever-evolving line-up that brings together not just food trucks, but quality restaurants hawking their specials from tiny stalls – keep an eye on their facebook to see who is... Read more
Warsaw Beer Festival
Celebrating their fifth edition, the Warsaw Beer Festival will once again take place in the hallowed confines of Legia’s stadium. Drawing all from beer nerds to pissheads to curious first-timers, this well executed event will present the cream of the Polish brewing industry alongside international guests such as Brewdog... Read more
Nocny Market: Last Chance
Dubbed the sensation of the summer, this weekend marks your last opportunity to visit the city’s Nocny Market. Announcing itself in a blaze of buzz and color, the market achieved the impossible this summer by proving there is life beyond the banks of the Wisła. Set on and around... Read more
What The Truck!

What The Truck!

Blog 12 July 2015 0

The wheels keep turning on Warsaw’s foodie revolution – literally. Two years since the first food trucks rolled out onto the streets the capital’s appetite for meals on wheels shows no sign of slowing. That much becomes apparent at Żarcie Na Kółkach, possibly the most high profile of all... Read more
Gimme Food (trucks)!
You wouldn’t want to tell someone lining up for his welfare check, but the economic devastation brought about by the ‘credit crisis’ did have a silver lining: from these desperate financial ruins the food truck was born – and now, it’s rolled into Warsaw… Though so-called ‘roach coaches’ –... Read more