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Bristle City

Bristle City

Features 17 April 2015 0

The categorical statement piece this year? An expertly groomed beard. The Insider visits Barberian, the go-to place for aspiring gents… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Kevin Demaria)  Last year a scientific study (and I’m not making this up) claimed that the planet had approached a ‘peak beard’ stage, i.e., a... Read more
Essential Summer Primping
Prepping for a much-deserved summer holiday isn’t just about packing the right suit and sunnies. Whether we’re heading to Hel or the French Riviera, we really want to feel our best among all the bikini babes on the beach. Women and men alike tend to hit the salon pre-break... Read more
QπШ – Robert Kupisz
Kupisz is one of the most charming characters on the style scene, having evolved from a professional dancer to celebrity hairstylist and most recently one of Warsaw’s hottest fashion icons. After dabbling with design for a few years he finally decided to open up a flagship boutique in Warsaw,... Read more
Bartek Janusz Salon

Bartek Janusz Salon

Leisure 8 August 2013 0

I’d passed this place hundreds of times on my way to work and yet I’d never felt brave enough to walk in. Why? Probably because it seems so darnn snooty that I just never felt fancy enough to stroll in and make a hair appointment. It was all quite... Read more

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