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After Hours

After Hours

Features 30 May 2015 0

Founded in 1862, and housed in its current quarters since the 30s, the National Museum in Warsaw has survived the vicissitudes of time to become one of Warsaw’s best loved treasures. Stocked with over 830,000 works of art, this grand old lady opens its doors to the Insider for... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Institution
The word ‘institution’ is over-used, to the point it’s become trivialized. But if there’s one restaurant in Warsaw worthy of such a term, then let that be the Belvedere. Now back in the mid-90s, when the Insider was in shorts and starting off in the world, the city was... Read more
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Delighting generations of Poles with its confections, the story behind the Warsaw-based Wedel chocolate firm is a bitter-sweet tale… The story began in 1851 when Karol Wedel started producing and selling confectionary on Miodowa. In those days, sweets were regarded as medicine and the first products, cream caramels, were... Read more
Sofitel Through The Ages
More than a hotel, the site of the Sofitel has seen plenty of stories down through the ages… (By Stuart Dowell)  The site of the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria has been important throughout Warsaw’s past. It has been the scene of a failed assassination attempt on a major international terrorist... Read more
Return of an Icon

Return of an Icon

Features 3 December 2014 0

This November saw the re-launch of Jaś & Małgosia, a cult bar with its roots in the PRL era. Reinvented as a hip neighborhood haunt, the Insider speaks to owners Arek and Maciek about their project… • We’re not worried that Muranów has an ‘older’ population. With our previous... Read more
Everyone Loves a Parade
It wasn’t all flying bottles and masked rioters – the Insider looks at some of the more peaceful events of November’s Independence Day marches…                 Read more
The Past is a  Foreign Country
Coinciding with the close of ‘John Vachon: Three Times in Poland’, Dom Spotkań z Historią are set to release an album inspired by this noteworthy photographic exhibition… When American photographer, John Vachon, visited Poland in 1946 it was to record the activity of the UNRRA humanitarian mission. He returned... Read more
You Auto Know

You Auto Know

Features 12 June 2014 0

We’ve seen them, joked about them, and possibly been hit by them. But what’s the story behind the vintage cars of Poland? Even in modern, gleaming Warsaw, you’ll still find the relics of Soviet motoring puttering around, performing improbable maneuvers as they cut in and out of traffic. Yet... Read more
The Original Arty-Techt
Looking at a modern building in Warsaw and thinking, “that’s pretty good actually,”? You’re probably looking at the work of Stefan Kuryłowicz… A 1972 graduate from Warsaw University of Technology, Kuryłowicz opened an architectural studio in 1983. Although commie bureaucracy rarely mixed well with creativity, Kuryłowicz and his associates... Read more
A Land Down Under
Not unlike discovering a lost world, the underground passages of the Filtry waterworks station are an eye-opening experience: miss them at your peril… Touring a waterworks isn’t usually my idea of fun. The word alone conjures visions of noise and nasty smells: if you want that, surely you can... Read more