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Happy Constitution Day!
Masterminded by the nation’s last monarch, Stanisław August Poniatowski, the constitution was visionary at the time, seeking to reduce the inequalities associated with serfdom whilst also bringing widespread reforms to the monarchy. Regarded as “a milestone in the history of law and in the growth of democracy,” it was... Read more
Join The Beer Trail!
The initiative of Wolny Kraft, the project is a work in progress with seven walks currently presented online (two of which are in English) and yet more in the pipeline. Featuring easy-to-use maps sprinkled with historical points of interest, the sightseeing routes take users not just past some of... Read more
1920: In Posters!

1920: In Posters!

Features 19 August 2020 0

Officially opened to the public earlier today, and set to run until New Year’s Eve, the exhibition aims to communicate the facts of “the battle that saved Europe from Communism”, through poster art – a medium that the organizers purposefully picked so as to appeal to younger generations. Following... Read more
Public Art: Battle of Warsaw 1920
Jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and KGHM Polska Miedź SA, the giant mural celebrates Poland’s momentous triumph over the Bolsheviks, a victory that historians credit with saving Western Europe from being swept away under communism. “It is worth emphasizing that the victory in the... Read more
Here Is Muranów

Here Is Muranów

Features 5 August 2020 0

When, in 1686, Simone Giuseppe Bellotti – the Polish Royal Court’s architect – built a palace close to the site of today’s Intraco tower, could he ever have envisaged what would become of the area over the centuries that followed? Could he have imagined that it would serve as... Read more
Monuments of the Warsaw Uprising
Recognition for the Uprising has been a long time in coming: not just internationally, but domestically also. In the period that followed the war Poland’s puppet government viewed participants as ‘anti Communist adventurers’, with veterans facing widespread persecution, and often imprisonment in the Siberian gulags or exile to the... Read more
The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy

Features 21 July 2020 0

Sixty-five years old today, we dredge through the archives to present the Insider’s quintessential piece about the Palace of Culture and Science… BY JAY MARTIN The inclusion of the Palace of Culture & Science on Warsaw’s official heritage list in 2007 provoked general outrage. A protest letter signed by... Read more
Trading Places: Warsaw’s Moving Landmarks
Status: In Transit Originally located on ul. E. Plater 51, Emilia was unveiled in 1969 (and only after an original section of the roof crashed down during the construction phase), but officially opened on January 15th, 1970. Cited as one of the outstanding examples of post-war modernism in the... Read more
Culture Shock: Museums & Galleries Reopen!
Yet even those that remain closed have responded to the Covid-19 crisis by upping their digital offer to present a panoply of oral histories, virtual walks, online collections, live discussions and educational classes. Join us to find out what awaits the culturally inclined. Car Museum (Otrębusy) Facebook Home to... Read more
Blast To The Past!

Blast To The Past!

Features 24 April 2020 0

Fusing high-tech with extensive historical research, an archaeologist has brought the ancient settlement of Bródno back to life… Challenge a local to describe Bródno, and it’s likely that even the most patriotic resident would mumble “grey”. Noted largely for its gloomy tower blocks and anonymous estates, not many would... Read more