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Boutique Unique

Boutique Unique

Features 2 March 2016 0

Weary of the drudge and anonymity of the chain brands? Warsaw has seen a surge in boutique accommodation aimed at the more discerning traveler… Autor Rooms Centered around a hip communal living space that’s bathed in light, find four rooms touting custom-made furnishings and art from Poland’s top designers.... Read more
The Great Getaway
Whether you’re looking for a full recharge over the holiday season, or just fancy a change of scene away from Warsaw, we sort through the best options out there… Arłamów Hotel Ustrzyki Dolne Not a bad life being a political big cheese in communist times: the privileged few got... Read more
Between us Bed & Breakfast
The name Between Us translates as Między Nami in Polish, and is a reference to the ground floor café that opened 19 years ago – the first cafe-restaurant-gallery to offer an alternative scene to the leftovers of communism. The café is still going strong, and the owners have also... Read more