Warsaw’s Top Ice Cream
You Melt My Heart! What did the Insider do this summer? We ate every ice cream that Warsaw had to offer. From a choice running into the zillions, the following are the ones that had it licked… Frank Warszawa ul. Polna 18/20 Mixing, so they say, French philosophy with... Read more
Chop Chop Thai Lody
Blindingly brilliant Thai-style ice cream: pick up to three flavors, then watch them mashed and chopped together before being sprinkled with the toppings of your choice: Gummi Bears included! The production process does take time which can lead to queues – most agree that the wait times are worth... Read more
Deseo Burakowska
Luxury desserts, pralines and tarts served inside an ivy clad building in a leafy post-industrial complex off Burakowska. The contemporary style is reflected by an interior that’s modern, pared down and richly bathed in sloping sunlight. Though it’s the gleaming confections that generally earn the plaudits, the sorbets are... Read more


Going Out 7 May 2018 0

Ice cream season is back, and with it a new address to watch: cementing Andersa’s burgeoning reputation as a center of cool is Roszki, a budget looking room decorated in flamingo pink colors. It doesn’t look much, but it tastes spot on. Find a choice of knock-out artisan ice... Read more
Warszawski Lukier Żurawia
Nothing reflects millennial food tastes better than the maximalist dessert stops that are sprouting around town. Leading the line are Lukier, a cult venue whose original address (round the corner) made a splash on account of their towering freak shakes. This spot, on the other hand, has gained publicity... Read more
Sweet Moments

Sweet Moments

Going Out 22 May 2017 0

With the onset of summer comes the annual shootout over Warsaw’s best ice cream – add Sweet Moments to the list of credible contenders. Although choice isn’t too comprehensive, the quality is first rate: made using exclusively natural ingredients, everything they offers seems to hit the spot. Find also... Read more
Falafel Bejrut Moliera 8
So what would you prefer – an underperforming steakhouse or what’s commonly regarded as the best falafel Warsaw has ever seen? In all truth, polls are closed on that one. Taking the place of the defunct Muu Muu restaurant, Falafel Bejrut have grown from life as a ‘food bike’... Read more
N’ice Cream Factory
Whilst you’ll find pancakes and smoothies on the menu, it’s the ice cream that’s the real hook. Made using liquid nitrogen for extra smoothness, options to add alcohol to your ice cream mean it’s not just kids who thrill over this newbie. Vapor puffs and hazard signs add the... Read more
Lick Bait – Warsaw’s Top Ice Cream
Looking to make money this June? Then open an ice cream stand. The natives can’t get enough, and if any proof was needed then let the queues in Old Town speak for themselves. Yet while the historic center exemplifies the Polish love affair with ice cream, it’s also miles... Read more


Going Out 4 March 2016 0

Purveyors of Warsaw’s best natural ice cream, Sucre is worth visiting in all temperatures on account of their Parisian-style macarons. Danger: highly addictive. Sucre ul. Klimczaka 5, sucre.pl Read more