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Artis Wellness Club
Kamila Hartwich of the Artis Wellness Club talks about Poland’s most high tech gym! WI: What makes Artis different? KH: Artis Wellness Club isn’t part of some faceless fitness chain for the masses. It was created for those who appreciate values of quality, modernity and atmosphere. We’re certain people...
Ride Warsaw

Ride Warsaw

BlogLeisure 27 August 2016 0

If you’re anything like me, and I sincerely hope you’re not, then the big problem with keeping fit is motivation. After the initial surge of enthusiasm fades you’re left with the grinding drudge that reality entails. Giving up is easy. And I’ll be honest, after twenty minutes at Ride...
Kidding Around
When I was a kid, gym class involved running around in circles while an ex-soldier ‘motivated’ you. It was actually pretty terrifying. Moving on a century and things have definitely changed. Look at the new branch of The Little Gym, a place of bright primary colors and soft custom-made equipment....

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