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On the Rails – Warsaw’s Railway Museum
As the Night of Museums approaches, we uncover some of Warsaw’s lesser known cultural treasures… To some, trains are just a convenient way of getting from A to B. To others, they are the source of an obsession regarded by others as a deviant predilection. But the Railway Museum... Read more
National Stadium Ice Rink
I live with a football fanatic whose second home is a stadium, and through preference I steer well clear. But when the National Stadium announced it would transform to an indoor ice rink, I was lured by the thought of experiencing that adrenaline rush footballers get when stepping onto the... Read more
Gym Generation

Gym Generation

Leisure 14 November 2013 0

I guess it was my generation that made going to the gym ‘cool’. Yet nightmares of florescent leg warmers and feeble attempts to jog on a treadmill, whilst my chunky Sony Walkman dragged my jogging pants southward, is probably why I have never understood the addiction to working up... Read more
Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins

Insider News 30 October 2013 0

Although this country is steeped in many traditions, Halloween is a celebration that seems to have been embraced by only the hippest nightclubs and bars, pouncing on yet another sales ploy to get us through the door. Most definitely not the kind of party we want to take our... Read more
Cukier Lukier

Cukier Lukier

Restaurants 30 September 2013 0

The way to every little girl’s (and the odd boy’s) heart is a pink candy stripe interior with a sugar-coated bouquet laden with lollipops. Think Alice in Wonderland, step through the looking glass and imagine your child has just drank the growing potion; in Cukier Lukier all the furnishings... Read more
Copernicus Science Centre Planetarium
If, like me, you spent your holidays on the tropical island of Great Britain you too might be asking some serious questions about the earth’s climate and what in jeepers name happened to it this summer…Back in Warsaw we were greeted with hot winds, a stifling temperature of 39°c... Read more
Museum of Sport & Tourism
My daughter isn’t ever likely to be the ‘Sports Personality of the Year’. Like me, her idea of an adrenaline rush is finding a good book and turning its pages for regular exercise. But after a month of football related questions and the imminence of London’s 2012 Olympics, it’s... Read more
Maple Tree Montessori
Maple Tree Montessori is a family-run international preschool that offers an authentic Montessori curriculum supported by an Orff/Kodály-based music syllabus. Find them located in the Wilanów district of Warsaw, in a house safely nestled into the end of a quiet street. Their program, which is designed for three to... Read more
Fundacja Atelier

Fundacja Atelier

Insider News 1 September 2013 0

Art for me has always been essential for both inspiration and relaxation. Whether I’m photographing it out on the street, deciphering it in museums or standing in front of a blank canvas creating my very own masterpiece art helps me organize my thoughts. When an opportunity arose for my... Read more
Colourstrings Music School (Barwy Muzyki)
When mum has a mission you can pretty much guarantee she’ll see it through. This is exactly what Olga Trzebińska has done with her ambitious Colourstrings music school. Poland prides itself on having schools dedicated to musical excellence, but only the most disciplined of students will make it through... Read more