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Warsaw’s Newest Monument Debuts
Positioned at the junction of Kopernika and Świętokrzyska, the work honors the Solidarity movement that played such a pivotal role in the fall of Communism. Created following a campaign by Janusz K. Dorosiewicz (previously credited as the driving force behind monuments to Ronald Reagan and footballer Kazimierz Deyna), the... Read more
The Mermaid’s Song
There is no escape – Warsaw’s mermaid is everywhere you look. This month, the Insider examines the root of this city’s obsession… With over 300 kilometers of land mass separating Warsaw from the sea, you might wonder just why the mermaid has been adopted by the capital to serve... Read more
Sofitel Through The Ages
More than a hotel, the site of the Sofitel has seen plenty of stories down through the ages… (By Stuart Dowell)  The site of the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria has been important throughout Warsaw’s past. It has been the scene of a failed assassination attempt on a major international terrorist... Read more
Gifts For Kids

Gifts For Kids

Features 10 December 2014 0

Smyk and Toys “R” Us are unavoidable with an 8-year-old to please, but an interactive monster called Xeno will not be stuffing her stocking! I still believe a thoughtful gift is sourced locally and that the last minute dash and panic buying session is all part of that Christmas... Read more
Powiśle Now

Powiśle Now

Features 21 November 2014 1

Once a decrepit no-man’s land, Powiśle has matured into the area all others aspire to be: welcome, you might say, to the future of Warsaw. (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Kevin Demaria)  Not that far back in time the streets of central Powiśle were best skirted. Not because they were... Read more
Around Plac Grzybowski
Take a look at what’s around Warsaw’s most sensational plac. Cafe Próżna (Próżna 12) The overdue renovation of the building might make for a loud and dusty afternoon coffee, but Próżna remains just about the cutest café for miles. Beautiful soups and an intensely artistic, almost Krakowian spirit.  ... Read more
The Original Arty-Techt
Looking at a modern building in Warsaw and thinking, “that’s pretty good actually,”? You’re probably looking at the work of Stefan Kuryłowicz… A 1972 graduate from Warsaw University of Technology, Kuryłowicz opened an architectural studio in 1983. Although commie bureaucracy rarely mixed well with creativity, Kuryłowicz and his associates... Read more
A Land Down Under
Not unlike discovering a lost world, the underground passages of the Filtry waterworks station are an eye-opening experience: miss them at your peril… Touring a waterworks isn’t usually my idea of fun. The word alone conjures visions of noise and nasty smells: if you want that, surely you can... Read more
Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Features 26 February 2014 0

Lovers of socialist ‘statement architecture’ shed a tear when Stadion Dziesięciolecia was torn down a few years back to make way for the new National Stadium. More recently, another sporting great has found itself a victim of the bulldozers. Up until not that long back residents of Mokotów would... Read more
Completely Bunkers

Completely Bunkers

Features 7 November 2013 0

All is not what it seems – in a slow corner of Wielkopolska, secret Cold War preparations for Armageddon have come to light after lying hidden and forgotten beneath a quiet suburban house… Text & Photos: Ed Wight For six decades it remained hidden, a secret known only to... Read more

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