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Chopin In The Park Returns!
An essential part of experiencing the city, tomorrow sees the annual return of Chopin recitals in Łazienki Park. Recitals May 14th marks the beginning of this year’s cycle of outdoor Chopin concerts. Taking place at noon and 4 p.m. each Sunday thereafter, join a regular crowd of thousands to... Read more
Monuments of Warsaw: Chopin
Born on this day in 1810, March 1st marks what would have been Fryderyk Chopin’s 213th birthday – in tribute, join us for a look at the iconic monument dedicated to the composer. First unveiled on November 14th, 1926, the Chopin monument had been years in the planning –... Read more
Historic Łazienki Stables To Reopen!
Built between 1825 and 1826, they were constructed to a horseshoe-shaped design authored by Jakub Kubicki, an architect that began his career during the reign of King Stanisław August. Accommodating 48 horses and eight horse-drawn carriages, the building survived WWII without much damage and will now house an exhibition... Read more
Explore the Warsaw of Frederic Chopin
Explore the Warsaw of Frederic Chopin… You won’t get far in Warsaw without running into homages to the city’s favorite son, composer Frederic Chopin. Tune into his world by following the trail of 15 interactive, musical benches laid outside key sites related to his life, among them the Radziwiłł... Read more
A one-to-one scale replica of Łazienki Park’s Palace on the Isle stole the show at Sapporo’s annual Snow Festival after being unveiled as part of celebrations held to celebrate the centenary of Polish-Japanese diplomatic relations. Carved entirely from ice, it took 100 soldiers just twenty-eight days to recreate the... Read more
Art Of The Matter: Łazienki
More than just the green lungs of Warsaw, Łazienki is a treasure trove of fine art and sculpture from days of old… BY STUART DOWELL If often feels like Warsaw is a city with chip on its shoulder, always apologising for itself. Like a former stage queen drowning her... Read more
Notes: Atelier Amaro

Notes: Atelier Amaro

Blog 7 November 2017 0

Ever since opening in 2012, Atelier Amaro has come to be regarded as a point of pilgrimage to which diners flock to worship at the table of Wojciech Amaro. This is not an exaggeration. Awarded what was then Poland’s first Michelin star in 2013, Atelier has grown to become... Read more
Countdown to Chopin
First organized in 1959, the Sunday piano concerts that occur under the shadow of the Chopin monument in Łazienki Park have become one of the city’s proud calling cards. Listen to musicians both established and upcoming recite works from Chopin’s oeuvre in a pristine setting that the composer himself... Read more
Sunday With Chopin
The first Chopin concerts were organized in Łazienki Park in 1959, shortly after the composer’s monument was rebuilt and put back in its place near the park’s main entrance next to the Belweder Palace. The monument itself has had a troubled history; the idea to raise a statue for... Read more