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Going Out: Młodsza Siostra
An unpolished jewel, Młodsza Siostra is the courtyard secret that everyone needs to know… What’s In A Name Translated to mean ‘younger sister’, you’d be right to ask that if this is the little un’, then who’s the older one? That is (or was), Eufemia, a cult bar that... Read more
In The Spotlight: Chaton Warsaw
It’s not just Warsaw that’s been seduced by the glamorous allure of this exclusive dinner-show club… Hailed as the most exclusive club in Poland, Chaton Warsaw Dinner Show & Club has already become an entrenched favourite of showbiz celebs, visitors, expats and the local high-flyer. Set across five levels... Read more
Performed in JASSMINE club, the cyclical event will attract the top jazz names in Poland… Fifty performances by Poland’s top jazz talents will be conducted as part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU "Warsaw Live Sessions". The project will include, among others, Dominik Wania Quartet, Paweł Kaczmarzyk Trio, Piotr Damasiewicz... Read more
Valentine’s: Drinks For Two
With dinner done comes the next Valentine’s quandary – where to head for post-prandial drinks? 12 on 14 ul. Noakowskiego 16 For a country with such a noble jazz tradition the paucity of dedicated clubs in the capital feels like an aberration. Doing a sterling job of filling that... Read more
Nightlife: The Party’s In Praga!
Make Mine A Large One! The Insider hits the bars of Praga to enjoy both ends of the spectrum… From High Life… In the past, if you had used the word knife edge in the same sentence as Praga it would have been in reference to a mugging or... Read more


Going Out 10 December 2019 0

Presented as a ‘ruin bar’, the interior has to be seen to be believed: crazy local art, twinkling fairy lights, cuddly toys, bits of corrugated iron and a jungle of plants combine to create an extraordinary atmosphere that’s topped out nicely by fab vegan food, beers from the Brooklyn... Read more


Going Out 8 December 2019 0

Located opposite a mural of a giant goose and a gaudy statue of retro football star Kazimierz Deyna, this wreck announces its intention from the off with a piece of graffiti over the bar declaring that, “this is not a f***ing cocktail bar”. Despite the somewhat threatening slogan, it’s... Read more
Centrum Zarządzania Światem
Fusing culture and arts with food and drink, CZŚ have become one of Praga’s major social hubs with a busy program of events complimented by a quirk décor and Bohemian spirited crowd. Operating equally well as a café, bar and restaurant, the globally diverse menu offers both breakfast options... Read more
Bar Studio

Bar Studio

Going Out 27 August 2019 0

The dehumanizing dimensions of the Palace of Culture are softened in warmer weather when Pl. Defilad turns into a quasi-party zone. Should it rain, seek shelter under the covered colonnades: there’s room for everyone. And with no nearby residents to pester, it’s just about one of the only places... Read more
Hot This August: Otwarta Ząbkowska
More than just another street, Ząbkowska has long been considered Praga’s spiritual gateway – in layman’s terms, a place where ‘things happen’. A celebration of art, literature, film, music, theater and food, the annual Otwarta Ząbkowska festival is the physical manifestation of this, a prism through which the area... Read more