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’44 Remembered
Set to be a deeply emotive occasion, the city prepares to mark the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising… Criticized as a bourgeois rebellion fomented by the capitalist West, for decades the 1944 Warsaw Uprising was consigned to footnote status by the Communist government. The years since the political... Read more
The Sky’s The Limit
Warsaw’s ambition to be viewed as one of Europe’s key financial players has been given a boost with news that the city is set to become home to the EU’s tallest building. Titled Varso Tower, construction on the 53-story project commenced in late January and is expected to run... Read more
Women’s Day
Thousands of women hit the streets of Warsaw today as part of a nationwide series of parades to mark International Women’s Day. Last year the ruling PIS party hit the headlines after a proposal to ban abortion was met with outrage: the controversial idea was swiftly dropped after marches... Read more
The EU’s Tallest!
After months of speculation, initial permission has today been granted for a new landmark skyscraper. Located on an empty plot at the intersection of Chmielna and Al. Jana Pawła II, the 310-meter Chmielna Business Center will surpass London’s Shard by a meter, making it the tallest tower in the European... Read more
The End of Critical Mass
Organizers have announced that Warsaw’s monthly Critical Mass bike ride will cease after September. First held in 2002, the gathering was originally coordinated to both encourage the use of bikes as a means of daily transport whilst also highlighting the lack of necessary infrastructure available for cyclists. However, organizers... Read more
Final Cut For Kino Femina
Local campaigners have been left seething after it was announced that – contrary to initial promises – the historic Femina cinema is unlikely to ever resume a cultural role. The landmark movie house, sold in 2014 to budget supermarket chain Biedronka, had been subject to a vociferous campaign to... Read more
A man who attacked one of the bears at Warsaw Zoo after climbing into its pen on Solidarności was later found at a city center hospital suffering from arm injuries. The oddball 32-year-old who hasn’t been named was spotted by a horrified passer-by scaling the enclosure before running up... Read more