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Capsule Hotel To Open In Airport
Officials at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport have announced the imminent opening of a capsule hotel – only the second such facility in the country. Speaking to PAP on Monday, Stanisław Wojtera, the President of PPL, revealed that the capsules had already arrived for installation: “we do a lot to make... Read more
Urbex: Strawberry Fields Forever
You’ve got to be pretty thick to lose yourself on the way from Warsaw to Modlin, but should ever you do so then you’ve a fighting chance of finding yourself confronted with one of the wackiest sites in the Mazowiecki region. Yep, I bet you didn’t expect to see... Read more
Modlin Plans Revealed
It’s been announced that over 1.5 billion złoty is expected to be poured into the redevelopment of Twierdza Modlin. The project, which covers an area of 64 hectares, envisions the creation of a ‘smart city’ featuring a congress center, hotels, 120 shops, a casino, 1.5 kilometers of riverside boulevards... Read more
Modlin 2.0

Modlin 2.0

Insider News 28 June 2017 0

Plans have been made public to transform Modlin fortress into a ‘smart city’ development hosting the largest conference center in Central Eastern Europe. The project, estimated to cost up to EUR 480 million, also envisions the creation of a university, wellness center, golf course, and, of course, luxury loft... Read more