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Mokotów Mural Honors Inter-War Legend
Unveiled just before Christmas, the latest mural from the canon of Tytus Brzozowski has cast a spotlight on one of Warsaw’s great inter-war characters, Stanisław Wojciechowski. Found on Madalińskiego 6/8, and created using smog-eating, air-purifying paints, the mural was unveiled on the centenary of Wojciechowski assuming the Presidency following... Read more
Gifts: MUAS Ceramics
In their short existence, MUAS Ceramics have become one of Waraw’s hottest brands – we join the team to find out why… How did MUAS come about? The story began five-years back – not wanting to tie her life permanently to architecture, Kati went to a ceramics workshop and... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: Young & Polish!
Finessing the countryside tastes we all know and love, a crop of new restaurants are successfully reexamining Poland’s culinary traditions… For our Best of Warsaw, we bring you four that have knocked us sideways! Anons do Dzielni Madalińskiego 7 This charming brick-lined recess has a magical intimacy and a... Read more
Wounds Of War: Mokotów 1944
Falling under the scope of a project first initiated in 2019, Wounds of Memory seeks to bring attention to the surviving traces of war. The work of Monument Conservator Office for the Capital City of Warsaw, it’s organizers have emphasized the increasing need to protect what elements have survived... Read more
Review: Gourmet by Café de la Poste
The French Connection Inspired by the French concept of “pour vivre heureux, vivons caches” (“if you want to live happily, live hidden), Café de la Poste first opened in 2013 in the quaint back corner of Stary Bielany. Launched by Tatiana Fremond and her late husband, it stripped away... Read more
Warsaw’s First Social Shop Launches
Selling groceries, clothes and other everyday items at discount prices of up to 50%, the project has been greeted enthusiastically after launching this week. The first such initiative in Warsaw – and only the second in Poland – the store is open to all holders of a low-income certificate... Read more
Uprising Hill To Be Transformed
Found in the city’s Siekierki district, the mound was created in the post-war years from tons of rubble brought from the center. Measuring approximately 35-meters in height, many viewed it as being a symbolic ‘tomb’. Accessed by what is reputedly the longest stairwell in the city, the 350 steps... Read more
Supersize Me: Warsaw’s Top Murals
A mirror of the capital’s own creativity, the once sad walls of Warsaw have been used to channel its artistic spirit through the medium of large format murals. From a crowded field, we pick our favorites from the past and the present… Kamien i Co by Wiktor Malinowski (2009)... Read more
Delivery Hero: Gringo To The Rescue!
Mex-cellent Stuff! As the implications of a restaurant shutdown ring around Poland’s F&B sector, those involved in the industry have struck back in a spirited bid to keep the segment afloat – if the public can’t get to the restaurant, then take the restaurant to the public! Though delivery... Read more
Café Iluzjon

Café Iluzjon

Going Out 1 March 2020 0

Set within a socialist realist era building, and attached to a cult independent cinema, the pluses here are numerous: sparing interiors that emphasize the natural heritage of the building, an exciting vegan menu, locally roasted specialty coffee and a range of experimental beers. To see it at its best,... Read more