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The Muranów Street Food Revolution!
Forming an inverted L-shape, the area around Nowolipki and Jana Pawła has become something of a mecca of authentic street food tastes… Achi Achi Jana Pawła 41A This lively little joint gives Japanese food a new spin with its presentation of on-the-run fried foods served in various combinations. Topped... Read more
Architecture: Protecting Muranów
In December, plans for a new eight-story residential building sparked a campaign to protect the historical integrity of the 1950s Muranów Południowy housing estate… Led by the Mayor of Wola, Krzysztof Strzałkowski, efforts are underway to enter the post-war estate into the register of monuments so as to prevent... Read more
Green Light For The Black Shirts
Announcing the decision, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski told the press that he saw Polonia as playing core part of the city’s sporting future: “I believe the Polonia sports complex will play an important role in Warsaw sport and has a place in our beautiful sporting future,” he said. “The project... Read more
Review: Vegan Ramen Shop
Beginning life as a touring pop-up, the success of Vegan Ramen Shop necessitated the launch of a more permanent space in 2017 – the brand has snowballed ever since. This month, we visited their newest space on JPII: here’s what we found. What Others Say Ranked seventh overall in... Read more
Here Is Muranów

Here Is Muranów

Features 5 August 2020 0

When, in 1686, Simone Giuseppe Bellotti – the Polish Royal Court’s architect – built a palace close to the site of today’s Intraco tower, could he ever have envisaged what would become of the area over the centuries that followed? Could he have imagined that it would serve as... Read more
1943: A Rising Remembered
Though amounting to approximately a third of the capital’s pre-war population, the Nazi occupation saw the capital’s Jews confined within an area covering a paltry 2.5% of the town. Considered the largest and most significant Ghetto in the Third Reich, it was subsequently sealed off in November, 1941. “We... Read more
Remembering The Ghetto Uprising
With the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising set to fall this Sunday the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews have revealed plans allowing the public to commemorate the date despite the country’s ongoing lockdown. Since 2013 the Muranów-based museum has relied on a small army... Read more


Restaurants 3 March 2020 0

The simplicity of the aesthetics here belie their beauty: like strange, alien planets, spherical lights dangle from the tall ceilings casting the concrete colored interiors in a warming glow that feels tastefully restrained. Food-wise, you’ll enjoy it. Several steps beyond what you’d expect from a neighborhood pizzeria, find wonderful... Read more
Gdynia-Tel Aviv: POLIN’s Stunning Exhibition
Three-thousand miles apart, yet bonded by several underlying similarities, a new exhibition at the POLIN museum seeks to explore the entwining commonalities between Gdynia and Tel Aviv. Rippling blue seas, pristine white buildings, stretching sands and clear, sunny skies. This is the Gdynia and Tel Aviv that the exhibition... Read more
Warsaw’s Top Ice Cream
You Melt My Heart! What did the Insider do this summer? We ate every ice cream that Warsaw had to offer. From a choice running into the zillions, the following are the ones that had it licked… Frank Warszawa ul. Polna 18/20 Mixing, so they say, French philosophy with... Read more