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La MaMa Africa
Things we like: African Star beer and the traditional stews. Things we don’t like: the goat meat. But that’s not a criticism of the cooking, rather an admission we don’t like goats in general – dead or alive. Those who don’t fancy experimenting with gizzards and heads make do... Read more
Państwo Miasto

Państwo Miasto

Going Out 28 June 2015 0

Is there anything better than sitting in a café, book in hand, while spring sunshine pours through the windows? We go to Państwo to do just that, an echoy, cavernous café with a young, lively crowd that’s keen on scholastic events and political causes. Never does it feel too... Read more
Le Cedre 84

Le Cedre 84

Restaurants 17 June 2015 0

Le Cedre just keep on getting it right. Authenticity is key in this chainlette (well, there’s another across the river), as you’ll discover when talking to Tony, the Lebanese owner. To see the diversity of this cuisine, order the balbaak (six cold starters) or the byblos (six hot). And... Read more
Past, Present, Future…
Warsaw’s sensational Polin Museum has already made an international impact since opening in October. The Insider finds out more about its story… (Text: Paula Rewald | Photos: Ed Wight) Stunning, transformative, enlightening, entertaining – Polin, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which formally opened its permanent exhibition in... Read more