Warsaw Uprising: 1944
Transformed, in the words of historian Norman Davies, into a “lawless laboratory of Nazi racial ideology,” wartime Poland was a dark place to be – but Warsaw darker still. Viewed as a melting pot of decadence, a hotbed of dissent, a cradle of European Jewry and a symbol of... Read more
Night of Museums: Cheat Sheet
Celebrating its 15th year, Night of Museums has grown from a minor event (the first edition saw 16,000 people file through 11 venues) to a mighty juggernaut attracting well in excess of 200,000 people. The previous year saw 234 institutions open there doors to the public, of which 50... Read more
Night of Museums (Part 4)
Polin ul. Anielewicza 6, polin.pl When the idea for Polin, Museum of the History of Polish Jews, was born, a small blue ohel appeared on the site. Around it, architectural renderings were placed outlining the ultimate vision. Despite the detail on these it all seemed somber and modest: not... Read more
Night of Museums – Praga
Though Praga isn’t necessarily known for its museums, the few that is has have achieved a cult status. In addition, numerous indy galleries and theaters will be welcoming visitors ensuring that even this gritty district will be alive on the night. Museum of Life Under Communism Despite its small... Read more
Night of Museums 2017 (Part 1)
For the 14th year on the trot, the evening of May 20th will see Warsaw’s museums, galleries and assorted institutions fling their doors open as part of the city’s annual Night of Museums. Though queues – even in the unlikeliest venues – reach horrifying proportions, it’s one of those... Read more
Gallery Launch
Lauded by Fashion TV as the best black and white campaign photographer in the world, Szymon Brodziak is the youngest artist to ever be presented at the prestigious Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. Now, the general Warsaw public has its own chance to acquaint itself with the works of... Read more
Travel: Bydgoszcz

Travel: Bydgoszcz

Features 8 September 2016 0

Bydgoszcz and its surrounds reveal a weird world of cowboys and explosives, soap and magic… TEXT: ALEX WEBBER | TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS: RICHARD EVERSON | PHOTOS: ED WIGHT Going back around ten years ago, I started doing a bit of work on-and-off in Bydgoszcz. A pretty town I thought, but also... Read more
Night of Museums 2016
Celebrating its thirteenth year, the annual Night of Museums has grown from a piddling acorn into a strapping oak. Over 250 museums in Warsaw,open their door during the annual Night of Museums 2016. by Alex WEBBER & Małgosia KRAKOWSKA  From humble beginnings, when 11 museums attracted 16,000 guests, the... Read more
Titanic Exhibition!
Over 100 years since its sinking, no other maritime disaster has captivated the public in the same way as the Titanic’s ill-fated maiden voyage. Now, or at least from April 9th, locals have the chance to marvel at recovered paraphernalia at the Palace of Culture’s Titanic exhibition. Running until... Read more
Down To A Fine Art

Down To A Fine Art

Features 11 November 2015 0

With the National Museum set to unveil their latest exhibition, we talk to Magdalena Borkowska and Dorota Nowak about the work of the Conservatory Department… What process do you follow when preparing for a new exhibition? MB: There is no set process as each object is treated individually and... Read more