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Warsaw Rugby Tournament
After a torrential downpour and thunderstorms on Friday evening, the Warsaw Rugby Tournament 2016 at AWF kicked-off the following day in blistering sunshine, welcoming teams from all over the world for two days of sun-baked rugby and three nights of partying. by Alex WEBBER After an exciting first day of rugby, cult... Read more
Dworek w Kaputach

Dworek w Kaputach

Blog 9 June 2015 0

There’s one thing to do at Dworek w Kaputach, and that’s walk around the lake. You can circle it in about five minutes, but the truth is it always takes longer. No matter how many times you go around it, there’s always something that halts you in your tracks:... Read more
Warsaw Rugby Festival
Not everyone is aware of the fact that Warsaw will host two major sport events in May. One is the Europa League final, the other is the Warsaw Rugby Festival to be hosted by the Frogs & Co. RFC. Taking place every May since 1996 the rugby tournament, previously... Read more
On Yer Bike!

On Yer Bike!

Features 1 April 2015 0

Cyclists defied a ruling by City Hall in February outlawing the now traditional end-of-month Critical Mass bike ride around the city. Local decision makers withdrew consent following fears that Warsaw’s fragile traffic arrangements would breakdown following the closure of Łazienkowska Bridge. “We’ll still protect the cyclists,” said a police... Read more
A River Runs Through It
The Wisła isn’t just an ugly brown thing that splits Warsaw in half: head down it and you’ll find it flanked with secrets both open and hidden. (By Alex Webber | Photos Ed Wight)  “Stop! Stop right now!!” I’m usually quite reserved when sat in the passenger seat, but... Read more
Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins

Insider News 30 October 2013 0

Although this country is steeped in many traditions, Halloween is a celebration that seems to have been embraced by only the hippest nightclubs and bars, pouncing on yet another sales ploy to get us through the door. Most definitely not the kind of party we want to take our... Read more
Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Features 3 October 2013 0

Built less than 100 years ago as Poland’s first garden city, the very concept of Podkowa Leśna was seen as futuristic at the time. Today, hidden in a wooded valley, it represents a secret sanctuary from the big city bedlam… Set about 30 kilometers south west of Warsaw, the... Read more
Łan Sztuk Kalimera
I have a very special fondness for this place. This is where I fell in love last summer. This is where it all began. The magical charm of Stare Kawkowo is what took us from casual dating to the real thing. There really isn’t anything as glorious as the Polish... Read more
Warsaw International Triathlon Club
Winter in Warsaw can be tough. The color and greenery of summer become distant memories, replaced instead by the hovering grey presence of never-ending tower blocks, short days and snow, snow and more snow. But don’t let this bleak picture put you off, there’s a means of escape, and... Read more