Art Of The Matter: Łazienki
More than just the green lungs of Warsaw, Łazienki is a treasure trove of fine art and sculpture from days of old… BY STUART DOWELL If often feels like Warsaw is a city with chip on its shoulder, always apologising for itself. Like a former stage queen drowning her... Read more
The Glories of Łazienki
Warsaw, and its residents, sure like their parks. Seventy-six fall within the city limits, making the city one of the greenest in Europe. Spoilt for choice they might be, but if the populace were pressed to pick one they couldn’t live without then its highly likely Łazienki would be... Read more
Back To Nature: Łazienki’s Botanical Garden
Avoid the hordes that head to Łazienki and get horticultural by rooting around the lesser-known Botanical Garden… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY KEVIN DEMARIA An extraordinary enclave of horticultural treasure, the University of Warsaw’s Botanical Garden is nothing if it is not a surprise: secretive, serene and certainly... Read more
Dziki Lokator

Dziki Lokator

Going Out 11 May 2016 0

The principal role of Dziki Lokator? Tough one: it’s a pizzeria, a café, bistro and bar. But with the doors closing usually no later than 8 p.m., its function as the latter is often overlooked. That’s something of a mistake, especially in the summer months when the park location... Read more
Oh Sylwia

Oh Sylwia

Blog 25 November 2015 0

I’ll tell you what I live about this city. You think you know the place inside out and then, bang, it pulls a rabbit out of the hat and leaves you bamboozled. That happened to me in Bródno the other week. I mean no offence to the people that... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Institution
The word ‘institution’ is over-used, to the point it’s become trivialized. But if there’s one restaurant in Warsaw worthy of such a term, then let that be the Belvedere. Now back in the mid-90s, when the Insider was in shorts and starting off in the world, the city was... Read more
Just A Perfect Day
Take 24hrs and a small section of the city and the Insider brings you a perfect day… It’s not often my day begins at daybreak – hey, those are the perks of being ‘funemployed’ – but on the occasions it does then WakeCup Café (Franciszkańska 14) is the first... Read more
Cultural Poster Series
Calling fans of poster design – take a prowl along the al. Ujazdowskie side of Łazienki this summer to see works by two prominent Asian artists: U.G. Sato and Jianping He. Runs until the end of August For further details check the Łazienki website:        ... Read more
Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Features 3 October 2013 0

Built less than 100 years ago as Poland’s first garden city, the very concept of Podkowa Leśna was seen as futuristic at the time. Today, hidden in a wooded valley, it represents a secret sanctuary from the big city bedlam… Set about 30 kilometers south west of Warsaw, the... Read more
Warsaw International Triathlon Club
Winter in Warsaw can be tough. The color and greenery of summer become distant memories, replaced instead by the hovering grey presence of never-ending tower blocks, short days and snow, snow and more snow. But don’t let this bleak picture put you off, there’s a means of escape, and... Read more