Into The… Green!
News that Warsaw’s parks had reopened following their temporary closure was greeted with the kind of fanfare usually reserved for a moon landing. Just in the nick of time for summer, we bring you our rundown of the ones that can’t be missed! For… The Best of Warsaw Łazienki...
The Glories of Łazienki
Warsaw, and its residents, sure like their parks. Seventy-six fall within the city limits, making the city one of the greenest in Europe. Spoilt for choice they might be, but if the populace were pressed to pick one they couldn’t live without then its highly likely Łazienki would be...
Oh Sylwia

Oh Sylwia

Blog 25 November 2015 0

I’ll tell you what I live about this city. You think you know the place inside out and then, bang, it pulls a rabbit out of the hat and leaves you bamboozled. That happened to me in Bródno the other week. I mean no offence to the people that...

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