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Ghetto Uprising Photos Revealed
Shot by a firefighter called into service during the time, a priceless roll of negatives capturing the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising have been discovered in an attic… Handed to the POLIN Museum in January, the film will now form an integral part of a forthcoming exhibition that will mark the... Read more
The Warsaw Uprising: Then & Now
Though the 1944 Warsaw Uprising has been the subject of numerous books, few have succeeded in creating the visual impact of Teraz ’44 by Michał Wójcik and Marcin Dziedzic… With the Eastern Front rumbling towards Warsaw, the Polish Home Army launched the Warsaw Uprising with the dual aim of liberating... Read more
This Is Praga: Back To The ’70s
Offering a compelling glimpse into the past, a new exhibition has opened in the Praga Museum to provide a photographic portrait of the everyday lives of the locals in the 1970s. Born in 1939, Albert Krystyniak moved with his family to Warsaw’s eastern suburb after the war, and spent... Read more
The Warsaw Uprising… In Color
Having amassed nearly 70,000 followers on Facebook, Mikołaj Kaczmarek has become one of the country’s best known graphic artists specializing in the colorization of historic photos. This issue he selects his most powerful works connected to the insurgency that nearly cost the city its existence… WI: How complex is... Read more
Photography: Daniel Remian
WI: What do you love so much about photographing Warsaw at night? DR: The city’s quieter but yet more alive; it’s a completely different vibe at night. I think, also, that once the sun sets the architecture feels less chaotic and the futuristic aspects of the city become much... Read more
Books: How To Look Natural In Photographs
Providing a sinister glimpse into Poland’s totalitarian past, a new book compiled by Beata Bartecka and Łukasz Rusznica sheds light on the extreme methods used by the country’s secret services to spy on its people. Ironically titled How to Look Natural in Photographs, the idea for the book first... Read more
Polska Britannica

Polska Britannica

Features 23 April 2020 0

Born in 1954 in a Nissen hut inside a Polish Resettlement Camp, Czesław Siegieda’s early upbringing in Britain was by no means unusual. Thrust into an alien world, his parents, Mieczysław, who had seen combat at Monte Cassino, and Helena, a survivor of Stalin’s Siberian camps, eventually moved to... Read more


Going Out 16 January 2019 0

Though Instax’s proximity to the Polytechnic means no shortage of student, the quality of the coffee is such that the clientele travels beyond the natural catchment zone. Traditionally functioning as a photo lab, find a collage of Instax snaps framing a neon that urges customers to ‘love the moment’,... Read more
In Focus: Fort Institute Of Photography
Out in deepest Mokotów, a former fortress has been developed into one of Warsaw’s primary cultural attractions… BY STUART DOWELL A wide-angle look over Warsaw’s landscape of photo galleries offers rather slim pickings for a city of its size and importance. However, zoom in on Mokotów’s post-Tsarist fort on... Read more


Shopping 2 January 2019 0

Prowl Hala Mirowska to discover the intriguing world of Foto-Larson (first floor). Warsaw’s No. 1 home for all things analogue, this labor of love is run by a bona fide obsessive with an intimate knowledge of all the cameras and contraptions that he has on offer. Beautiful in every... Read more