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Carp(e) Diem

Carp(e) Diem

Features 24 December 2016 0

With carp scaring the living daylights out of most, herring becomes an unlikely hero on Christmas Eve. Too bad that, in the words of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, much of it comes “pickled in brutally acidic vinegar, which obliterates their oily succulence and flavor.” Instead, try marinating your own, while also... Read more
A Feast of Color. Polish Wedding Traditions
With the traditional wedding season upon us this August, we take a look at the evolving nature of the Polish wedding style… By Małgorzata Krakowska Polish weddings have always been festive and sumptuous. Traditional weddings could sometimes last dozens of days, and were seen as marking the transition from youth to... Read more