Antykwariat Grochowski
There’s several zillion spots in Warsaw where you can horde up on vintage material, but not all that many in which you can lose yourself for weeks. Nuking the competition into touch, Antykwariat Grochowski presents itself as a labyrinthine space in which over 130,000 books creak on shelves that... Read more
In Memoriam: Ryszard Kaja
Acknowledged as one of the most influential Polish artists of recent times, news in April of the premature death of Ryszard Kaja was met with widespread shock around the country. Born in Poznań in 1962 to parents Stefania, a painter, and Zbigniew, one of the founding fathers of Poland’s... Read more
Cultural Poster Series
Calling fans of poster design – take a prowl along the al. Ujazdowskie side of Łazienki this summer to see works by two prominent Asian artists: U.G. Sato and Jianping He. Runs until the end of August For further details check the Łazienki website:        ... Read more