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Welcome: The Giant Egg!
Years after plans were first made public, a giant egg has been unveiled on Plac Pięciu Rogów. Unveiled on the doorstep of the Jabłkowski Department Store, the striking installation measures 2.1-metres in height and 2.2-metres in width. Precisely 3-metres in length, the egg was unveiled on Friday by the... Read more
Interview: Mural Artist Kamila Lipka
Known for her indoor murals, Kamila Lipka speaks to the Insider about her work… How did you get into painting murals? I’ve loved painting ever since I was a child, but for several years it was little more than a hobby. I started painting indoors around eight-years back with... Read more
The Perfect Chemis-tree: Warsaw & The Palm!
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, join us for a look back at the story behind Warsaw’s iconic palm tree… Asked what public art should ‘achieve’, Joanna Rajkowska is surprisingly dismissive. “Nothing, really,” she replies, “it should just be a part of our everyday lives” It’s perhaps a startling admission given... Read more
Unveiled: Warsaw’s Best Mural?
Lauded in some quarters as the most spectacular mural that Warsaw has ever seen, a work by the Welsh street artist Phlegm has captivated the public after debuting on Stalowa 27 earlier in November. Taking 120-hours to execute, the XL project has been made all the more remarkable by... Read more
Keep It Surreal

Keep It Surreal

Features 3 July 2021 0

WI: Even people with next to no affinity with the arts love your work – what’s the secret? TB: Firstly, I’m really pleased to hear that! I’ve always wanted my paintings to work on two levels – first, for people to simply enjoy them. On that front, I think... Read more
New Mural Strikes Bielany!
Found on Żeromskiego 44/50, the mural has allowed the two stars to once again be neighbors. Living on ul. Płatnicza – the same street as the songstress Kora – both became cultural icons. In the case of Sienkiewicz, the popular actress was famed for appearing in such as films... Read more
Homeless Jesus Appears
A cloaked figure of Jesus sleeping rough on a bench has appeared outside the Capuchin Monastery on Miodowa 13. Inspired by a similar work coined by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, the sculpture is identical to around 100 that have cropped up in locations as far afield as Washington, Singapore... Read more
New Kora Mural Hits Bielany
Following a concept authored by Tomasz Majewski, the project was executed by Good Looking Studio, a Warsaw-based art collective specializing in large format wall art. Set to be joined by 320 rose bushes that will be planted underneath, the mural will be symbolically unveiled on June 8th. Born Olga... Read more
Confirmed: Warsaw To Get Giant Egg!
The work of Joanna Rajkowska, the two-meter wide egg aims to call to attention the environmental challenges faced by the planet, and will be located on Plac Pięcu Rogów, an urban project that is set to transform the junction where Chmielna, Bracka, Zgoda, Krucza and Szpitalna meet. Redesigned by... Read more
Abakanowicz In Warsaw

Abakanowicz In Warsaw

Features 9 September 2020 0

Christened Zinaxin and Dolacin, the sculptures were revealed during a ceremony held on Sunday and are counted as among the artist’s most iconic works. Depicting two huge, featureless figures striding forth into the distance, the bronze sculptures were originally produced in 2005 and are intended to raise questions relating... Read more