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Foiled Again

Foiled Again

Insider News 3 October 2018 0

An acclaimed artist has thrust himself back into the limelight with a project that has seen a dilapidated building in Warsaw’s Praga district handed a new lease of life after being clad entirely in aluminum tin foil. Found on Ząbkowska 9, the tenement dates from 1870 but has stood... Read more
Bródno: A Walk Of Art

Bródno: A Walk Of Art

Features 7 September 2017 0

Perhaps Warsaw’s greatest talent lies in its ability to surprise: just when you think you know the city inside out, bang, it pulls a rabbit out of the hat and leaves you bamboozled. Certainly, that’s the common reaction upon discovering the Bródno Sculpture Park. Set in the darkest depths... Read more
The Palm & Its Creator
Though locally best-known for her Palm Tree project found on Rondo De Gaulle’a, Joanna Rajkowska has been prolific in her output, leading and creating projects across the world. Now back in Poland, she talks about the world of public art… Apologies for asking the bleeding obvious, but tell us... Read more
Cinderella in Warsaw!
Announcing itself in a burst of splendid seasonal color, for the past two years the tiny ‘Gablotka’ gallery on Marszałkowska 41 has been cheering up Warsaw with its witty style. Found inside a small glass case once used by a local cobbler to display his work, it’s a surefire... Read more
Travel: Nadodrze

Travel: Nadodrze

Features 7 March 2017 0

Away from the tourists of Wroclaw’s Old Town, an artistic revolution is brewing in the neighborhood of Nadodrze… BY ALEX WEBBER | PHOTOS BY ED WIGHT Vivid, thrilling and disturbing. A classic of the counter-culture era, Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas is arguably one of... Read more
Monumental Efforts
A six-meter tall yellow, Styrofoam monument has caused a stir after being unveiled in October in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts. Drawing parallels to the ‘Four Sleepers’ monument celebrating Polish-Soviet ‘brotherhood in arms’, the parody has been revealed to be the work of Kaisu Almonkari. However,... Read more
Cool Globes
Having already toured 17 cities across the world, the Cool Globes exhibition touched down in Warsaw in May and has been wooing crowds ever since. “I thought they’d be really appreciated here in Warsaw,” says organizer Janice Rzycki, “so I brought them here.” “This is public art with a... Read more
Light Relief – Warsaw’s Neon Comeback
Embraced by the hipster generation, the art of neon has enjoyed an unlikely revival. At the center of this resurgence is a small little workshop operated by Jacek Hanak…  by Stuart DOWELL | photos by Kevin DEMARIA Warsaw, Targówek, ulica Rzeczna. Our fellow bus passengers have dwindled until it is just... Read more
Gone To The Wall. Warsaw Street Art
For so long kept stony silent, the walls of Warsaw are speaking up, channeling the voice of the wider community through the medium of art. Loaded with relevant messages and subliminal meaning, the gargantuan works that have been splashed onto the sides of buildings are transforming the city, and... Read more
City In-Spired. Warsaw new skyscraper.
The most misappropriated term in the real estate dictionary? That’ll be the phrase ‘mixed-use development’: more often than not, that’s industry gibberish for an office block with a scattering of shops on ground level. Plac Europejski, however, is something else entirely. Here’s Warsaw Spire- the city’s new skyscraper. by Alex WEBBER... Read more

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